Ever seen a McDonald’s employment contract like this?

Ever seen a McDonald’s employment contract like this?

10:39 AM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago 14

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Hi all, Has anyone ever come across a McDonald’s work contract in the course of tenant referencing?

This is the one that was sent to me earlier this week:

Dear N
Employment details
We’re delighted to confirm your appointment as Crew Member with McDonald’s at our restaurant situated at BRISTOL …. [address that follows is incorrect for the location].
This is effective from 28/11/2022 and your rate of pay is £10 per hour regular rate and £11 per hour premium rate.
For full terms and conditions please see your contract and employee handbook.
Kind regards

McDonald’s Team

The worker is my tenant’s husband who arrived on a spouse visa soon after she moved into the flat. He is still working at McDonald’s. However, there is no contract or employee handbook.

McDonald’s gave my tenant the runaround when I challenged her to provide the said contract for her husband. She’s been back to them several times and says today that the given information (as above) is all there is.

Has anyone come across this before???

Thank you,


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11:34 AM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

I would be wary, my son used to work for a McDonalds and most of these are franchises so his contract was not from McDonalds but from the Franchise owner company.
Doesn't look right to me.


12:17 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

Ask for payslips, sounds like either this is forgery (do you know that he does work there?) or he has no right to work or the employer is breaking employment law more generally


12:18 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

This type of work is considered casual employment on no fixed contract, hence vague information on letter (which is just confirming basics).

Susan Robinson

12:20 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

Hi Karen - that's not a "contract" simply an offer letter. It refers in the letter to a contract, which your tenant says they don't have sight of! If he hasn't got that contract then his employer is in breach of employment law, but that is not your concern but you might like to flag that to your tenant.

As DGM says, be wary.

Andrew Honour

13:09 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

Hi Karen - I have been in tenant referencing for 12 years. I have just historically looked back at employment references for McDonalds employees and over the last year every successful one has came from either a team leader or shift manager or Franchise owner. More over, they all have an identifiable email address ending in @uk.mcd.com.
Preceding this is a string of numbers that identifies the franchise branch.
Any in writing come from the Franchise name t/a McDonald's and are searchable.

Judith Wordsworth

13:48 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

Why are you asking for a copy of your tenants Employment contract and not an employer’s reference? They are not the same thing.

Thee reference may or may not include rates of pay, not really any of your business but when the employee started, how long their probation period is/was satisfactorily completed and, the important bit, that the company has no.intentions to sever the contract “in the immediate future”

Karen Dodd

13:54 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

Hi Karen, my house has just been trashed by people brought over from India who have been employed to work at Dominoes. Apparently the house was being used by several families including 2 children. They didn't have any furniture and the house ended up with mould everywhere.
I am in the process of reporting this to the relevant authorities as well as the letting agency.


17:29 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Judith Wordsworth at 30/03/2023 - 13:48
More elequontely put Judith than my reply. All this letter is basically saying is, this person has capacity to work here. That might happen or not, hence 'casual' contract arrangement which plenty of people work by....because it suits; often used as a supplement income by some, only income for others.
If in any doubt, apply due diligence and do more checking.


20:23 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

So, the flat is let to the wife before the husband's arrival in the country.
The affordability was presumably based on the wife's employment.
So why worry about the husband?
My impression is that many of our jobs are low wage or poorly paid ones.
We rejoice that we have narrowly avoided a technical recession.
What has my comments got to do with the query about the contract?
Why create trouble, in case the poor man loses his job?
I feel sorry for Karen Dodd, who has rented to clearly unsuitable tenants, and then says they are from India.
Unsuitable tenants are unsuitable tenants. Period. Their ethnicity/nationality is not relevant, if the idea is to say all Indians are unsuitable.
In fact, my daughter rents to Indian techies all the time. They pay the rent punctually, are polite and respectful. Ever so helpful: my 11-year old granddaughter had some computer homework which she did not understand. My daughter's Indian Tenant spent time explaining to her.
It is about time we shed our arrogant attitude towards Indians.

Old Mrs Landlord

23:21 PM, 30th March 2023, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by SCP at 30/03/2023 - 20:23
Perhaps if you had ever let to tenants from too high a caste to undertake lavatory cleaning you might have a different point of view. Obviously this does not mean there are no good Indian tenants but they, in common with other nationalities, are not a homogeneous group. Tenants are individuals and good and bad can be found in all ethnicities.

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