Electrical Safety Certificate Costs?

by Readers Question

10:14 AM, 22nd July 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Electrical Safety Certificate Costs?

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Electrical Safety Certificate Costs?

I have properties in and around London and the Electrical Safety Certificate costs vary wildly.

None of the London properties has needed a certificate until now. I have had a quote for £340 for a 2-bed flat in London. I think that’s a bit steep compared to the £180 for a 3-bed home which is a 30min commute into London.

I appreciate ‘London prices’ but really – nearly double the cost?

I would be interested to know what others have paid or be pointed in the direction of fairer prices (if this is not the usual price).

Many thanks



Bill Cooper

18:46 PM, 26th July 2020
About A week ago

If you check there website they advertise working to the 17th edition we are now on the 18th edition with amendment one a test takes 3/5 hrs. min + admin on a 3 bed to be registered on the correct portal don’t think anyone is saying there wrong at that price but taking the vat off would a professional work for £16 ? an hour before any vehicle costs etc. and cert cost I have 30 years’ experience and am fully registered so I know what I’m talking about it is ultimately your responsibility and it’s you that will be prosecuted if it goes wrong just check their credentials please.

Gary BTLowner

14:38 PM, 27th July 2020
About A week ago

Reply to the comment left by WP at 22/07/2020 - 12:46
If you`re in Birmingham does yr electrician cover coventry? If so I would be interested in his details please.

philip allen

16:05 PM, 27th July 2020
About A week ago

Reply to the comment left by Bill Cooper at 26/07/2020 - 18:46
Thanks for your comments Bill. You are right to point out that their website states 17th Edition, however, if you speak to them you will find that all their technicians now work to 18th Edition. They have a call out charge of £60 and, if not working to a fixed price their hourly rate is £78 inc.vat. Their charge for a landlord's electrical safety certificate is £99 for a 2 bed flat. My properties are in NW London. Hope this helps.

Jon Dahms

17:11 PM, 27th July 2020
About A week ago

How many people are coming up against the 'needs a new consumer unit' problem where there are plastic ones installed? What's a fair price?


18:23 PM, 27th July 2020
About A week ago

The answer should be: None. As has been stated many times on other threads, there is no requirement to replace plastic consumer units (unless damaged/faulty)

Ray Davison

20:16 PM, 27th July 2020
About A week ago

I still have not found a definitive answer as to which part of the council you need to send the copy cert to!


21:34 PM, 27th July 2020
About A week ago

Reply to the comment left by Ray Davison at 27/07/2020 - 20:16
You don't need to sent it anywhere, just have a current certificate to present if requested by your council.


9:51 AM, 3rd August 2020
About 3 days ago

I've just interviewed an electrician and Landlord and debunked some of the myths in this thread - you can find the video here - https://youtu.be/DFgK3uwkLwM

Let me know if you find it useful


14:09 PM, 3rd August 2020
About 2 days ago

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