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Jon Dahms

10:25 AM, 29th December 2020, About 10 months ago

How best to trace a tenant?

If it is only the initial trace we have used with success before. Patience is the key as they need to put down roots elsewhere.... Read More

Jon Dahms

17:47 PM, 21st August 2020, About A year ago

Landlord Action responds to Government’s further extension of ban on evictions

I just sent this to Jenrick and my local MP

‘without prejudice’

Dear Mr Jenrick,

Since the heady days of Mr Cameron & Mr Osborne HM Government has been sticking the boot into Private Landlords. Ignoring the fact that the sector was encouraged by previous governments as a way to compensate for the completely inadequate level of new home building over the last thirty odd years, it has been handed sucker punch after sucker punch by ‘the party of business’.

Now you are panicked into extending the moratorium on evictions ‘due to Covid 19’. Do you realise just how many utterly reprehensible tenants you are unwittingly protecting by doing this?

One client of mine has not been paid £1650 per month rent since December 2019. The tenants are simply choosing not to pay, safe in the knowledge that you are protecting them. Their non-payment of rent has nothing to do with Covid 19 but is a wilful act on their part. Proceedings were commenced prior to lockdown yet the case is now hamstrung by your actions. Legal costs are also mounting. Where is the help for these Landlords?

Our very decent cohort of Landlords has bent over backwards to assist tenants in trouble due to Covid-19. Any ‘crisis’ is only being pushed down the road and worsened by your actions. Someone could quite easily think that it would suit some of the big money interests to see private Landlords forced into ruin so that they could pick over the remains.

It would be very easy to use the Courts to pre-determine possession cases (triage them so to speak) so that those tenants simply using Covid-19 as a smokescreen for their deeply antisocial behaviour or financial terrorism of their Landlords could still be punished. Indeed those cases where there is a claim for money and possession could at least have the money judgements issued so tenants who are working and earning and simply choosing not to pay their Landlords could be taken to task.

Private Landlords are already selling up in droves due to the unfair tax treatment of individual Landlords, many of whom quite responsibly simply wanted to provide for their retirement. The Government relies heavily on Private Landlords, nearly all of whom are demonised by lobby groups such as Shelter who do NOTHING to provide ACTUAL shelter for anyone. You are creating a housing crisis by forcing private Landlords out of business. This on top of the starvation of Local Authorities means that nobody can solve the problem. You are heading inexorably for a ‘hunger games’ outcome.

This Government’s reactive style of decision making is deeply flawed. You give in to lobby groups fuelled by a bitter sense of class war whilst turning your backs on the middle-class wealth creators.

I am ashamed, as a life-long conservative at the way this current Government is a) Flailing around like a loose fire-hose over things like exam results b) wasting millions on failed PPE Contracts with zero oversight given to friends and donors and c) driving us into a Brexit brick-wall through dogma alone.

Get a bloody grip and stop beating up your natural voters!

I look forward to a reply once The Government / Dominic Cummings has had a chance to commercialise the solution via one of your party donors’ or associates’ companies. Alternatively, drop me a few million quid, no questions asked, and I will try and solve it for you!

Yours sincerely... Read More

Jon Dahms

17:11 PM, 27th July 2020, About A year ago

Electrical Safety Certificate Costs?

How many people are coming up against the 'needs a new consumer unit' problem where there are plastic ones installed? What's a fair price?... Read More

Jon Dahms

12:31 PM, 22nd October 2018, About 3 years ago

Letting fee ban - A better plan?

Great responses people. The issue of 'Double Charging' i.e. a Tenant Fee and a fee to the Landlord is a vexed one. Landlords are shopping around and some agents have a model which allows them to offer full management at 5% of the passing rent. Our largest single cost was our Rightmove subscription which was more than our office rent and heat/light put together. As I said, we are a small agency and we have conducted a straw poll of our Landlords and they are all unwilling to pay additional fees or put their rents up so that their properties become uncompetitive. Some agents really take the piss with tenant fees but our fees were based on our costs to conduct a letting professionally and conscientiously plus a small overhead and profit allowance. The Landlord fee covers advertising / epc etc....... Read More

Jon Dahms

11:19 AM, 30th August 2018, About 3 years ago

Past Service Charges - Tribunal conclusion?

The general rule I believe is that if he issues fresh, legally compliant demands he will still need to properly prove the expenditure on the block for it not to be liable to challenge. I also believe that he will only be able to go back 18 months from the date he issues these new demands. Any earlier charges cannot simply be made compliant by issuing fresh paperwork, the accounts issues really shouldn't exist on such a small block. My advice is to focus on the matters where there is agreement because when he takes advice (which he should) he will realise how screwed he is and will need to treat you more respectfully. If he doesn't buck his ideas up you need to go down the 'appoint a manager' route or suggest to him that he gives himself a 999 year lease on the shop and sells you guys the freehold which you can then hold in a SPV company and take over the running of the building that way.... Read More