ECO3 New gas boiler – just a lot of hot air?

ECO3 New gas boiler – just a lot of hot air?

11:11 AM, 3rd December 2021, About 3 years ago 3

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Another advert push for ECO3 and the installation of both gas lines (up to 23m) and new Worcester boilers. Is it REALLY worth doing given the total uncertainty and lack of direction as to where this is all going???

I have some tenants that may be within 23m of an existing gas line that currently are quite happy with full electric in their homes. For them I can’t say with any conviction their heating bills will be lower as (due to being on benefits) any supplier will not want to take them on a bill as you go customers, so more than likely they will have to have a PAYG meter anyway (which in ‘normal’ circumstances costs more). There is the upheaval of having it done too…

The other dilemma is if I am going to get clobbered later on as a direct result of now having gas installed. Of course, each property will have to have an annual gas cert, CO2 monitor, but longer-term there is the issue of hydrogen conversion?

With the government in complete disarray and not giving any substantive direction is it just best to wait for the EPC C to rear its head and then do something (most of the properties are currently a D so the issue is will a gas boiler actually raise this in any way to a C?)

Head spinning….any ideas anyone????


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Mick Roberts

12:20 PM, 3rd December 2021, About 3 years ago

I thought exactly this yesterday when someone sent me some info about new boilers. I had about 47 free Vaillants fitted 2013/14. But now the criteria is must have existing electric heating etc.

And then I thought Hang on, they want to fit us some GAS boilers, when in 4 years or so, they gonna' say Sorry Mr Landlord can't have them now, need to be non gas. AAAAHhhhhhh Too many retrospective changes.

David Judd

12:26 PM, 3rd December 2021, About 3 years ago

The other issue is that with only 1 fuel (ie just gas or just electricity) customers are penalised because the best prices are for dual fuel. The cost of electric boilers will come down over time as more manufacturers see the benefit or are forced to - in the meantime, electric boilers are still too expensive both to buy and run.


16:24 PM, 3rd December 2021, About 3 years ago

Other than restriction on fitting carbon based heating in new builds from 2025 none of the restrictions are confirmed - we're still waiting for the review of MEES and EPCs following the consultation in February this year.

Your gas boilers are already capable of burning a 20% hydrogen mix.
There are some test homes already fitted for hydrogen powered heating and hot water.
This tech is likely to be available for consumers (and landlords) from 2021.
See recent article from Which?, where it gives more detail.

The government and social housing providers do not have the funding to switch to 100% electric, and a switch to hydrogen would use existing infrastructure.

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