How do I deal with a shady housing agent?

How do I deal with a shady housing agent?

11:48 AM, 17th July 2017, About 7 years ago 8

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Help and advise is needed; please forgive my grammar error as I write in pain and low spirit.

I rent out my 3 House that goes for market price £1200.00 for £700.00 to a shady a Nigeria agent in Canary Wharf. Little did I know his intention / plan was to rob me of every penny he could to maintain his fake life.

Firstly, every now and then he charges me for repairs for a house his subletting to the council as b&b per night rate of almost £60.00 per day; yet he won’t pay me the £700.00 per month rent without deductions for repairs. I took it on myself to inspect the property, when he realised I caught him at his game he sent people to the house to harass the tenant and her family; afterward calling the police claiming it was in the landlord that came to threaten and harass the tenant. They were advised by the police to change the entrance lock; of course he deducted the lock change from the monthly rent pay I get from him.

Secondly, over two years now his being charging unbelievable amount for repairs from the rent due to me. Last year December decided to visit the property again this time with a police officer for record purpose, after our visit with the police another harassment complaint was filed against me to the police.

To an extent he framed up a lie thereby complaint to the police I threaten to kill him and his family. He police came to arrest me but I was out as of when they came looking for me.

He told me the company belongs to him but when did my finding I realised he was under bankruptcy order as of when he signed 3years lease agreement with me showdown get the director and the director (the wife) signed as both me and him witness.

I have filled a court case against him, his wife and his company(ies), its came to light that he used his wife name to register the company, but he’s being going around saying to people he owns the company now his hiding under his wife now claiming his was the company head of portfolio manager while Bankrupt but now his the CEO of the company. He gave the council using the property for their tenant a different contract with a different company name that foes not have identity; bill me with non-identity company compare to the contract issue to me.

I have paid two different lawyer thousands of pounds on this case.

The court sent another hearing after the first one we had; both him, his wife and their lawyer are trying to play smart with case thereby complicating matters.

For two years now I have suffer financial hardship, emotional and verbal & oral abusive languages from this this shady agent with my mortgage property.

It is a long story; I am lost of thought and ideas.


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14:52 PM, 17th July 2017, About 7 years ago

I suggest you contact legal for landlords. They offer in my opinion an excellent service and charges are minimal.

11:39 AM, 21st July 2017, About 7 years ago

Why was it necessary to mention that the agent was Nigerian?

Rob Crawford

11:55 AM, 21st July 2017, About 7 years ago

Hi Fem, my apologise but this does not make sense to me. I do not understand why you are still using this agent??? Most AST's have a no-subletting clause. Maybe you have a lease of some sort in place. If you have maintenance responsibility then you have every right to inspect the property (with permission of tenants), so why the new lock issue, just visit when the tenants are there? I would be checking to see if the agent is legally compliant to operate as an agent. Is he registered with an ombudsman, does he have client money protection and liability insurance? Who is the director registered with Companies House (this is the person you should be speaking to)? Councils are taking a robust approach to rogue agents so if he is not compliant to to the Council PRS team - but check you facts first!

Rob Crawford

11:58 AM, 21st July 2017, About 7 years ago

Apologies for the typos - I miss the "edit post" function that used to be on this forum!

Emerald Legal

12:31 PM, 22nd July 2017, About 7 years ago

Hi Fern, why aren't you able to end your contract with him? Kind regards, Anna

Fem Abba

18:29 PM, 24th July 2017, About 7 years ago

Excately what I have been trying to do on my own for a while before I decided to involve solicitor's. In his company contract they manipulate the exist clause claiming contract is contract regardless. Not even for a man shadowing the director while under bankrupt order.

Fem Abba

20:00 PM, 24th July 2017, About 7 years ago

Thanks for your concern Rob,
Firstly, his wife is the company director.
Secondly, he has denies me all chance of management thereby making management decision without my consent. His always complaining things are spoilt in the house and has been repaired by his handy man. Unfortunately, I had to visit the house with a police officer to avoid his framed harassment story/allegation by the agent an tenant; has constantly intimidated the tenant. To my surprise nothing was ever repaired in the house. My property is falling apart (inhabitable); the tenant also confirmed what I saw at my visit. During my first ever visit since the tenant moved into my property, the tenant and her kids begged for the house to be fixed so they can enjoy their stay while I am in my process ending the contract with the agent as they are willing to move back into the hostel rather than living in an unsuitable accommodation. Three days later, I visited with a handy man to start fixing the house; to my surprise the tenant refuse to open the door saying the agent instruct her not to allow me into the house. He did not change the locks, it all lies. How can he change the locks he claimed had previously been changed and charged me without giving me a spare key. Recently he claims his changed the extrance lock and not door for £400.00.
Thirdly, I have informed the council but nothing is being done; they said they have contract with the agent and not me.
Finally, they managed to register the company with PRS January 2017 having been in business for years (atleast as of when I signed the fake contract 2015 they were not registered).

Asad Rehman

17:01 PM, 26th July 2017, About 7 years ago

Hi Fem.
I disagree with you having to mention the origin of the agent. This has no bearing on his credibility or dishonesty in your case.
Aside from this if you are within a lease agreement or have been receiving rent from the agent on the basis of a lease then you may serve a notice to quit on the occupants on the basis that they are trespassers. You will have a hearing at which you will have to establish you have the right to bring proceedings (proof of ownership) and hopefully possession will be given. I can recommend a solicitor who can help if you wish. Please PM me.

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