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Asad Rehman

6:01 AM, 22nd August 2017
About 4 years ago

Send in tax returns even if you don't make a profit - Newham and HMRC crack down

Newham has recently made an application to central government to renew its license for a further five years. To help it's case it has decided to provide HMRC with details of all landlords with a view that it can now approach central government with the claim that licensing has allowed extra tax revenue in the hope that will help its case to achieve a further five years of licensing in the borough because when it comes to all other property related measures the licensing scheme has been of little success.... Read More

Asad Rehman

17:01 PM, 26th July 2017
About 4 years ago

How do I deal with a shady housing agent?

Hi Fem.
I disagree with you having to mention the origin of the agent. This has no bearing on his credibility or dishonesty in your case.
Aside from this if you are within a lease agreement or have been receiving rent from the agent on the basis of a lease then you may serve a notice to quit on the occupants on the basis that they are trespassers. You will have a hearing at which you will have to establish you have the right to bring proceedings (proof of ownership) and hopefully possession will be given. I can recommend a solicitor who can help if you wish. Please PM me.... Read More