Can I get a discount on the rent?

Can I get a discount on the rent?

11:02 AM, 23rd January 2015, About 9 years ago 22

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I rented a one bed flat back in August however due to work refs failing I paid 6 months up front. However since moving in there has been damp and mold growing up the bedroom wall and the room is freezing cold so much so I’m unable to sleep in there .

The landlord has addressed the problem and did have builder in to paint the wall with special paint hence it didn’t work mold and water returned to the wall. Now the landlord has had yet more builders in who state its rising damp, so now a damp specialist is to be called in.

My question is as I cannot use the bedroom would it be unreasonable to ask for some kind of discount on the rent or some kind of compensation as I’m unable to use the bedroom as even the bed sheets feel wet and cold due to the damp problem.

I’m due to pay yet another 6 months up front at the end of February any advice please.



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karen drew

19:03 PM, 26th January 2015, About 9 years ago

thank you

Rob Crawford

21:03 PM, 26th January 2015, About 9 years ago

I would be a little hesitant in using a dehumidifier as it may mask the problem, then how will you know when its sorted? I would be interested in what you EPC says?

Yvette Newbury

21:52 PM, 26th January 2015, About 9 years ago

Karen - just to add to other comments when you have wet walls it makes it difficult to warm the room. In addition, the walls will encourage more water IN from the outside as they are already wet. Therefore if you can get a dehumidifier working in there, you will not only start to dry it out but also to heat it up as the walls dry - so a double benefit!

Rob Crawford

22:32 PM, 26th January 2015, About 9 years ago

If this is damp and not condensation as stated and its as bad as suggested, a dehumidifier will not resolve the problem! Damp penetrates through porous plaster/wood/concrete from outside the room, a dehumidifier will not stop this! The dehumidifier will dry the top surface and actually draw more water in. You need to concentrate you persuasive skills on ensuring the landlord remains focused on resolving the root cause of the problem.

Yvette Newbury

22:59 PM, 26th January 2015, About 9 years ago

Are you on the ground floor? As a starting point find out from the landlord when the damp specialists are coming in, no doubt it will be very soon!

karen drew

14:49 PM, 27th January 2015, About 9 years ago

yes i'm on the ground floor but i've spoken to the tenant upstairs and he has the same problem as i do and its in his bedroom which is directly over mine he has said its like it every winter but is fine in the summer i have a damp specialist coming tomorrow

Adrian Jones

16:31 PM, 2nd February 2015, About 9 years ago

Hi Karen,

How did you get on with the damp specialist, I'm sure a lot of LL are interested as this is not an unusual problem?

By the way do you do your laundry in the flat?

Yvette Newbury

17:32 PM, 2nd February 2015, About 9 years ago

Yes we would like to hear how you got on.

karen drew

14:22 PM, 3rd February 2015, About 9 years ago

An independent damp specialist came to do a survey.He said that although the conversion has been done to a reasonable standard when it was converted historic moisture already in the walls had been bricked over so the moisture is trapped in the walls hence the problems .he said it was major works but it could be helped by plaster boarding out the walls but it would take 4 inches off the size of the room all round he also said a dehumidifer would help and more fans fitted in the flat i'm not sure what the landlord is going to do.

Adrian Jones

14:54 PM, 3rd February 2015, About 9 years ago

I don't understand that. If it is historic moisture does that mean no new moisture is penetrating the stonework?

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