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Yvette Newbury

3 weeks ago
Residents association seems to have taken against students

To be fair it doesn't matter what you may ponder the difference is between 2 people or a family, the fact is the clause is in your lease that you signed and agreed to upon purchasing the property. The headline is therefore misleading, it's not to do with the Residents' Association as they would not have written the lease (unless you have share of freehold in which case they may have had input). It is also not against students as it would also apply to two professionals working who are not related or a couple. This is a common clause in flats and something your conveyancer should have advised you on if you were buying the flat to rent out.... Read More

Yvette Newbury

A month ago
Landlord licensing want to force a change in existing tenancy agreement?

I had this same issue with Southwark Council when applying under their new licensing scheme (for 3 sharers in a flat). They would not provide me with the wording and I asked Tessa Shepperson (Landlord Law) for her opinion, but without knowing exactly what they wanted it to say it was tricky! (You don't have this problem) I therefore read through the section on anti-social behaviour under the Southwark scheme and devised my own addendum to the tenancy agreement containing a clause on anti-social behaviour. After a discussion, all tenants have signed and it is now included (still as an addendum) in all new tenancies. Frankly it is embarrassing asking them to sign it, but one or two have told me that it is a good point to avoid other neighbouring tenants behaving in said manner! Perhaps you could ask your present tenants if they would object to signing this, as if all agree then your problem is solved.... Read More

Yvette Newbury

2 months ago
Do Councils and Housing Associations run HMOs? If not, why not?

Social housing and housing associations are EXEMPT from the HMO legislation and many other areas that affect HMO landlords, including fire safety to a certain extent.... Read More

Yvette Newbury

5 months ago
New IHT rules affect expat UK BTL owners

In response to Sam Caine - this rule affects UK expats. Therefore when they pass away their assets will go through probate and that is how HMRC would know. If held in a non-UK company the death of a party to that company (in whatever shape or form) may cause a change within the company that could alert the UK Govt/HMRC that the ultimate owner of that asset is from the UK even if they do not hold shares within it. This assumes that the UK expat has not changed their domicile which would therefore remain the UK.

In response to Jo Roebuck - is your father a UK expat and if so, is he still UK domiciled? Are you UK domiciled? Your father would be liable for CGT on the property if sold prior to his death. With regards to IHT, your executor would assess your father's assets for probate within the UK and have to fill out the probate form listing those UK asset to assess for IHT
.... Read More

Yvette Newbury

7 months ago
Council want proof front door complies with FD30S fire regs?

Apologies if I have missed information here, but if it is an ex-local authority property and therefore presumably a leasehold flat, then isn't the front door part of the building and therefore you aren't allowed to replace it? This is the case in my ex-local authority properties and I would have to ask permission to replace it and have to put up with the doors that the council decides to install (and overpay for the privilege!). If that is true in your case then surely you should be asking them if it is a fire protection door - they are your landlord.... Read More