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  • New IHT rules affect expat UK BTL owners

    2017-03-18 10:32:57

    In response to Sam Caine - this rule affects UK expats. Therefore when they pass away their assets will go through probate and that is how HMRC would know. If held in a non-UK company the death of a party to that company (in whatever shape or form) may cause a change within the company that could a

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  • Council want proof front door complies with FD30S fire regs?

    2017-01-04 14:32:02

    Apologies if I have missed information here, but if it is an ex-local authority property and therefore presumably a leasehold flat, then isn't the front door part of the building and therefore you aren't allowed to replace it? This is the case in my ex-local authority properties and I would have to

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  • Ending a tenancy and sorting out a subletting mess?

    2016-12-20 11:25:35

    Why not sit down and have a chat with her and explain that the present situation cannot continue due to all the new legislation that has been brought in for tenants sharing accommodation and that you now need to get the property straight for an inspection by the local authorities. You can explain t

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  • One student wants to leave a joint tenancy and rent not received?

    2016-09-23 16:52:20

    Reply to the comment left by "Bill O'Dell" at "23/09/2016 - 14:52": Hello Bill, just to be clear you have referred to me twice, but the person who

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  • One student wants to leave a joint tenancy and rent not received?

    2016-09-23 09:09:39

    Why would you not have guarantors if they are all students? I appreciate that is not helpful in answering your question but how did you assess that they could afford the rent otherwise? If I understand this tenancy set up correctly then the present 3 tenants are due to pay the full rent unless t

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