Another TV Programme!

Another TV Programme!

8:43 AM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago 9

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Well I am making another programme this week! All those folk who are getting upset should be aware that the real problem is that there is simply not enough homes in the South East for everyone who needs a home to have one.

Until such times as HM Government builds a further 4 million homes there will be a shortage. If there is a shortage the economically disadvantaged will go without. Someone has to go without all the time there is a shortage. I cannot see that shortage being abated in my lifetime and I plan to live until 100 years. I am 71 in three weeks time.

Housing needs to be built near Employment Centres. Those critical say the Private Sector Landlord (PSL) should do this and do that for those on Housing Benefit (HB) or disabled or are battered wives.

It is unrealistic for the Government to think it can rely on the PSL to stand in the shoes of the Local Council which has the “Duty of Care”. That does not mean the PSL does not care. Simply the “Duty” lies with the Council.

What folk have to understand is that the average PSL has just one Buy To Let (BTL) property. There are a has number of PSLs with just a single property where the average length of Assured Shorthold Tenancy is 4½ years duration.

The real problem started in 2014. It would seem 50% of the private sector had the same tenant in situation that they have now. It is their one and only BTL property. Is anyone seriously suggesting that the PSL should disrupt that tenancy to take a more needy tenant? We have to live in the real world. If the tenant pays the rent and looks after the house that is all the landlord asks. He is not going to disrupt the tenancy.

Last night there was much in the media about Domestic Violence. I had always been very keen to help victims of Domestic Violence, but the problem is not the abused wife. but in my experience, the Councils and the Delivery of Housing Benefit.

It is particularly difficult for Councils due to the fact that the abused lady seldom has her paperwork with her. Try telling the mortgage lender that you cannot pay the mortgage, because the Council has not paid you the HB. The Lender will say then do not let the house to those on HB or to battered wives.

The real answer will surely occur to Boris which is very simple indeed. The female remains in the house (i e the Victim) and the male leaves the marital home. There is no duty of care for the single male. The vulnerable person is the battered wife and the child(ren).

I do very much hope that when Boris has finished with Brexit he can turn his attention to both Housing and Domestic Violence. The only quick fix is to build 4 million new houses! That will take 30 years! Where do the people live in the meantime? Ask Boris.

Housing Warehouses serve a need, but are not a substitute for a two-bed terraced house. Little children need a lawn to play on.

The population, as a whole, needs lots of small houses. Developers like to build large houses. Too many windows and not enough front doors!

 Fergus Wilson


Dr Rosalind Beck

10:48 AM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Well, Fergus. I hope the programme isn't edited like the previous one - which presented you as a cold, arrogant landlord who could kick people out at the drop of a hat. As you later mentioned, it left out the parts we landlords need covered - such as the impact of Section 24, the need for Section 21 and a description of the billions of pounds of damage caused and arrears accrued. The last one effectively used you to push the left's agenda to scrap Section 21. I hope you haven't been used like this again as it is then bad for all of us.


13:31 PM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Perhaps Fergus, insist on seeing the edited version before they air it this time. Hopefully you could highlight the two opposing forces at play, with local gov desperate for social housing to the point of some Councils having to offer cash incentives to the PSL, whom in turn many are looking to exit the business because of the onslaught of anti landlord policies by central gov, such as Rosalind's point with S-24 plus the whole shopping list of other policies which are causing rents to now increase, leaving vulnerable and HIB people with less and less homes available. Giving tax incentives to holiday homes whilst placing vulnerable people in bed and breakfast is strangely something the media of course don't highlight. Instead of taxing and red taping PSL's into the ground, tax incentives should be made to those landlords providing quality homes and even those able to build new homes for rental.

Ever since George Osbourne launched his 'moving goal posts' policy of S24 on existing BTL mortgage commitments (rather than applying to new BTL finance after that date) I like many landlords have lost both faith and trust in gov and unless Boris makes serious urgent change will likely end up evicting my own vulnerable tenants, some of which have disabilities and mental health issues in order to sell up.

Good luck Fergus.

Dylan Morris

14:01 PM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

A few thoughts come to mind here:
1) Do private landlords have the experience and training necessary to handle social benefit tenants ? It’s a specialist area with many having mental health issues. Then there’s the way Universal Credit provides the rent payments. I’ve absolutely no idea how to be a landlord in this sector. I’ve had no training and my knowledge and experience is pretty much zero so for me sorry I’m unable to help.
2) Don’t want to make this a rant about immigration but Boris will just make the housing crisis much much worse. Immigration targets are to be scrapped so there will be no cap on the numbers of new arrivals. An Australia points system will be introduced so we only take arrivals with a high skill level, such as nurses and doctors as just one example, depriving their own countries of health care. And illegal immigrants who’ve managed to stay in the U.K. for 15 years are to be given an amnesty thereby encouraging even more to come. So yes the housing crisis is set to get much worse. Good old Boris.


14:17 PM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Can I make a really useful suggestion to fergus and property 118.

I don’t watch that much tv anymore, but instead get a huge amount of info on the world from all the different utube channels.

The information on there is eye opening and it is where the truth in society sits. The mainstream media all over the west no longer has the monopoly on the truth and instead we can now see this is the same as Russian propaganda pushed out to its population.

So start your own utube channel covering the topics specific to housing. The audience will be small at first but it will grow.

Douglas carswell (ex MP) has just set up his new channel and I am sure he would welcome a discussion about housing provision with fergus.

Property 118 is missing a trick if it has not considered running its own tv productions on utube.

Dylan Morris

14:27 PM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by John at 05/08/2019 - 14:17You can easily have your accounted deleted by Youtube if you start telling the truth and isn’t in accordance with the version approved by the Ministry Of Disinformation. Much better to start your own website.


14:34 PM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Dylan Morris at 05/08/2019 - 14:27
Yes but that seems to apply to the perceived righter wing sites on utube.

They would not censor the truth about the U.K. housing market.

If you want to get an audience utube is the best way. You would run your own site as well in tandem but the utube channel would feed and compliment.

Dylan Morris

14:42 PM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by John at 05/08/2019 - 14:34Fair enough John yes I agree with you.

Turhan Mustafa

18:32 PM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Fergus very well put ,
I concur with pretty much most of what you have stated. I have been providing accommodation for the last 35 yrs , but I have to say its becoming harder to keep doing so with the constant lashing out at us.............

From my perspective we "Greedy Landlords " have become very much a target for all and sundry...this largely due to the failure of Government policy to implement a fundamental & basic requirement on housing needs

The bottom line is we simply would NOT be in business at all, if there was a sustained program to build enough affordable homes for all categories including key workers ..

From a personal standpoint I let to several categories students in HMO properties, Professionals in apartments and to housing associations

A number of my long term Tenants have not seen a rent increase in excess
of 6 years.

We need to take examples from other countries where homes, can be put up very quickly , not necessarily brick & mortar

I am sure the majority people do not want to see tenants in the PRS having to rent from a landlords for decades ??

Going forward my own take on this and one part of the remedy for what bits worth , would be the government automatically steps in after Tenants having demonstrated they have been renting at the full market price for 5 years after which then offered a contribution perhaps 30% that is ring fenced to accrue a deposit to purchase their own property?

Fergus may you get your card from the queen ...........


21:12 PM, 5th August 2019, About 3 years ago

I think most private housing providers are staunch believers in owner occupation. They are also however, realists and business minded people. Home ownership for all is idealism. Reality is a different thing.
Blaming the PRS for providing housing when successive Gov’s couldn’t or wouldn't is only going to reverse rental housing provision as is happening now and gathering pace. Enough is enough.

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