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Anthony Richard

14:08 PM, 14th June 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Section 21 Summit Success

Annie Landlord, well your last post was really juvenile and wholly unwarranted on a public forum such as this.

Messages like this should never get passed a moderator.... Read More

Anthony Richard

9:46 AM, 19th May 2019
About a month ago

Average UK rent up 2% to £936 - Homelet

So, rents not keeping pace with inflation, is in effect reducing already tight profits further. It won’t do, just won’t do, anyone with half a brain must realise rents must go higher or LL’s will continue to exit. Except of course Corbyn poor fellow, who is welded to rent-capping and other delusions all adding to his favoured ‘momentum’ to housings race to the bottom. Yep, the real crisis is a coming!... Read More

Anthony Richard

9:23 AM, 19th May 2019
About a month ago

The landlord vote backfire

The notion that the landlord vote alone may prompt a government U turn is a fallacy. Statistically there are many, many more tenants than landlords therefore many more tenant votes to be had.
What is right for housing policy, supply etc is not what desperate MP’s are chasing, its votes! What may produce change in time, is an ever deepening housing crisis as more and more landlords jump ship.
The only time we will see a reversal in PRS fortunes is when the Gov finally realises we are irrefutably needed and needed urgently.
When that time comes as it surely will, we had better all be ready with our demands for a fairer, stable and practically workable PRS freed from unwarranted and prejudicial interference.... Read More

Anthony Richard

12:54 PM, 18th May 2019
About a month ago

Section 21 ban - System reform is necessary

Section 21 ain’t broke but it is already under stress and has been significantly compromised by poorly thought out legislation, ie Tenancy Deposit multi trip-up legislation, and other documentation best before dates, best after dates, Gov guidance docs, right to rent and multiples of dubious and illogical court judgements.

All that we need, is repair the existing Section 21 by removing the piggy back legislation which has been grafted on to it. Issues around the service of Tenancy Deposit docs, Gov guidance, Gas Safety etc need to be stand alone issues, supported by proportionate fines or other sanction. If eviction is necessary it is a result of a very significant problem and should not be thwarted by superimposing un related barriers.... Read More

Anthony Richard

12:17 PM, 18th May 2019
About a month ago

Landlords victory

Great job Larry, The Alliance has proved its metal.

Any landlord reading these posts needs to get onboard with the Alliance now. Now is the time to row back injustice and set the record straight for all of us. Join up!... Read More