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10:04 AM, 14th August 2019
About 2 months ago

Landlords - what would YOU like to see in a training course?

It's government ministers which urgently need to go on a training course in order to understand what their myriad of new laws and regulations are doing to landlord confidence and tenant rent increases!... Read More


13:31 PM, 5th August 2019
About 3 months ago

Another TV Programme!

Perhaps Fergus, insist on seeing the edited version before they air it this time. Hopefully you could highlight the two opposing forces at play, with local gov desperate for social housing to the point of some Councils having to offer cash incentives to the PSL, whom in turn many are looking to exit the business because of the onslaught of anti landlord policies by central gov, such as Rosalind's point with S-24 plus the whole shopping list of other policies which are causing rents to now increase, leaving vulnerable and HIB people with less and less homes available. Giving tax incentives to holiday homes whilst placing vulnerable people in bed and breakfast is strangely something the media of course don't highlight. Instead of taxing and red taping PSL's into the ground, tax incentives should be made to those landlords providing quality homes and even those able to build new homes for rental.

Ever since George Osbourne launched his 'moving goal posts' policy of S24 on existing BTL mortgage commitments (rather than applying to new BTL finance after that date) I like many landlords have lost both faith and trust in gov and unless Boris makes serious urgent change will likely end up evicting my own vulnerable tenants, some of which have disabilities and mental health issues in order to sell up.

Good luck Fergus.... Read More


11:07 AM, 22nd July 2019
About 3 months ago

Pointless Rogue Landlords Database

“If the Government want to deliver a fairer, better quality and more affordable private rental market, then they also need to create a fair balance by introducing a rogue tenant database which landlords in turn could access!... Read More


10:49 AM, 26th June 2019
About 4 months ago

Selective Licensing review shows unwillingness to listen to Landlords

Isn't it strange how schools, the NHS and care authorities have for quite some time been reporting how they've been virtually abandoned due to Gov Brexit distractions, yet the Gov 'Steer private landlords into the ground dept' continues at full tilt! What it's really about is short term stealth taxes and perceived Tory votes!... Read More


14:48 PM, 22nd May 2019
About 5 months ago

Only 15.75% of NLA landlords now support Tories

Good point Ian. Either way, Tories or labour...will the last landlord exiting the PRS business please turn off the lights!!... Read More