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Turhan Mustafa

12:00 PM, 25th March 2021
About 2 months ago

Gas safety certificate should be a legal requirement for all households?

Quite right any excuse, for more bureaucracy, Bahamas sounds great. I liked the finishing touch on stress levels, funny but becoming a grim reality ....
For other landlord escape options, try tuning into TV documentary Ben Fogle well worth a watch....... Read More

Turhan Mustafa

17:53 PM, 12th June 2020
About 11 months ago

Daily Briefings - Landlord questions needed!

Does the government not recognize the valuable role landlords play, in providing essential housing while there remains a supply shortage. And if so why is this not conveyed more widely to the general public in the media, on a regular basis to signal its importance ....... Read More

Turhan Mustafa

12:14 PM, 1st October 2019
About 2 years ago

Council - Do as I say not as I do?

Last time I looked at minimum room standards with HMO dwellings was approximately 10 yrs ago unless some unrealistic revision made this would be around 10m2 ?

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Turhan Mustafa

18:32 PM, 5th August 2019
About 2 years ago

Another TV Programme!

Fergus very well put ,
I concur with pretty much most of what you have stated. I have been providing accommodation for the last 35 yrs , but I have to say its becoming harder to keep doing so with the constant lashing out at us.............

From my perspective we "Greedy Landlords " have become very much a target for all and sundry...this largely due to the failure of Government policy to implement a fundamental & basic requirement on housing needs

The bottom line is we simply would NOT be in business at all, if there was a sustained program to build enough affordable homes for all categories including key workers ..

From a personal standpoint I let to several categories students in HMO properties, Professionals in apartments and to housing associations

A number of my long term Tenants have not seen a rent increase in excess
of 6 years.

We need to take examples from other countries where homes, can be put up very quickly , not necessarily brick & mortar

I am sure the majority people do not want to see tenants in the PRS having to rent from a landlords for decades ??

Going forward my own take on this and one part of the remedy for what bits worth , would be the government automatically steps in after Tenants having demonstrated they have been renting at the full market price for 5 years after which then offered a contribution perhaps 30% that is ring fenced to accrue a deposit to purchase their own property?

Fergus may you get your card from the queen .............. Read More

Turhan Mustafa

14:00 PM, 5th January 2018
About 3 years ago

Calling all legal minds for help please - Bullied by Council and Water Co.

Reply to the comment left by Mike at 05/01/2018 - 11:32
Hi Mike ,
Thanks for the comments and advice given....you have picked up on a few valid points. I have a full dossier on this drainage issue which would make a whole lot more sense if it were made available, however this is simply not practical
Apart from giving very careful consideration to undertaking the work myself, it became a little more complicated once I met with a main drainage contractor on site
Basics works were to be in the region of £5000 ..Okay I thought perhaps I will just go with it ?
Then I was told the Council would have to oversee the works.. in his experience further storm drainage works could well be required.. Plus a deposit held over for upto 10 years ?
A potential cost of £10,000, but it could be any amount if that were agreed the private service road must be blocked for up to one week

The road serves approximately 200 - 300 shop keepers & residents perhaps a lot more.

My Chartered Surveyor Anthony Mogridge now retired, worked in the City for many years worked on thousands of projects before running his own successful business had been the main driving force.behind me.
He can not accept this to be right in any way at all

Some boring facts :
Edited Version
1. Chartered Surveyor Anthony Mogridge over 40yrs experience design & construction supports Owner
2. Building purchased freehold 1990 apartments leased
3. Soil stack 4” cast with adjacent vent pipe deemed to be original
4. Evidence : Brick work recessed to protect / original Cast iron brackets & collars intact
5. Upper parts over shop right side of building originally single dwelling bought 1 yr after
6. The single dwelling over 3 floors original bathroom proximity positioned to flank wall
7. Planning approval for 3 units issued to previous owner Chartered Surveyor Tony Good
8. Thames Water Expert States Cast iron 4” stack may have been rain water
9. Cast iron 4” stack rises above roof line This being unable to accommodate rainwater
10. Cast iron 4” stack too large for small roof
11. Flank wall roof line no box gutter nor guttering - Also not possible with building design
12. Rainwater provision catered front & rear of building 4” soil stack to flank wall must be foul
13. Surface Manhole in service road outside curtilage of the building
14. Misconnection ONLY became evident 2011 this being 25yrs after property acquisition?
15. Thames water excavation T Junction of service Road with last 5yr – what did it involve
16. Strong Suspicion misconnection occurred around the same time as works to T Junction
17. WERM sub contractor Simon King aware of works approx. 4 – 5 years prior
18. Despite requests for Thames Water drainage works plans – Not forthcoming
19. Thames Water manhole within proximity all surrounding properties included but not 343a GL
20. 1900c common practise to have combined sewers
21. Logical argument points to the fact it may have been accepted drainage policy or oversight
22. LA and appointed contractor’s possible construction error 1900c or subsequently
23. Service Road privately owned no sanction Trespass?
24. Service Road used by hundreds of people Shops & private residents
25. Lateral drains & Private sewers adopted by Thames Water - Refer to Water ACT 2011

You can imagine what intrusion on my work this has been...
By the way while I ponder on this I have been at my desk since 7.30am, one 3 year old boiler down Tenants want it repaired yesterday.. Waiting on Vailant engineer .. customer service not helpful
Bathroom leak at another
WC not working on a 3rd...........
Well I did sign up for it?

Thanks for everyone's comments will get around to answering what I can in due course... Read More