Wonderful Reader Testimonial – “too good to be true”

Wonderful Reader Testimonial – “too good to be true”

22:19 PM, 6th August 2012, About 12 years ago 1

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Hello Mark,

I am a partner in a 4 person deal owning 8 properties as a Ltd Co, and I thought its worth mentioning how it came about…

I decided after a small windfall some years ago that property was an option, to minimize risk I opted for a partnership with a couple we know.

A friends house came up by chance (with a tenant) which we bought, this kick started my interest which led me to your old haunt The Money Centre.

I followed your articles for some time before looking for other properties, then I ended up at one of your seminars at Aston Villa Football Club ( I live in Walsall) where I watched you talk about houses, cars, holidays and all those ” too good to be true” things, however it did make me think.

To cut a long story short we all ended up getting an offset mortgage on our own houses with Woolwich, then strategically maxed out all the interest free credit cards on offer to offset my loan, and proceeded to buy more properties on the back of it.

The system clearly worked but I can tell you there were a lot of people at that seminar who couldn’t see it ! too bad eh?

After we had got around 4 houses I did attend one more seminar and proceeded to tell everyone on my table that it does all work if you play by the rules…

Anyway….I too thought ” this guy is flogging something here” and maybe you were but it sure has changed our lives for the better, all our initial loans were via The Money Centre and we now have the 8 as I said, mortgages all eventually dropped off fixed to SVR …..1.25%…. hello ! and guess what…

yep…..I got the Merc drop top and a house in Spain !

Feel free to use this info in an article if you like……now then….exit strategy…be in touch.



Tim Morris.

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Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

22:27 PM, 6th August 2012, About 12 years ago

Dear Mr Morris, thank you for your very kind words. I'm sure you will recall that there was never an upsell to an expensive course or anything like that at the seminars I presented. They were free to attend and existed as a showcase for The Money Centre, my buy to let mortgage brokerage, and my own buy to let strategy as shared in the Landlords Log section of this website. We always laid on a fantastic buffet but sadly I was often too late to get the benefit of them as I always got mobbed by people asking questions and by the time I got away all there was left was a well fingered stale sandwich and a few empty cocktail sticks LOL. I have fond memories of those seminars and was always incredibly flattered and somewhat bewildered by the numbers we of people we attracted. Did we ever meet?

PS - I will respond to your email tomorrow regarding possible exit strategies.

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