Why now is the time to buy?

Why now is the time to buy?

14:38 PM, 12th December 2022, About A year ago 2

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So this isn’t going to be a subject everyone wants to hear! With the doom and gloom of property world war 3, are we landing our troops, or coming out of the ashes??

In other words, is now the time to buy or are we all going to see our portfolios drop in value?

Now I’m quite public in what I do, in fact, I post regularly on TikTok….. and in 2021 the growth in house prices added to my buying splurge meant my net worth increased by £2.7mil or just under £52k a week.

A great example of a portfolio compounding off the back of increasing house prices, but what goes up must come down and the same super growth means when prices drop, they super decline!

But have no fear I’m not reaching for the begging bowl just yet and my out-of-date CV hasn’t gone live on total jobs.com (if that’s still even a thing) so the next time you go to DFS to buy a sofa you (hopefully) won’t be greeted by a former landlord dressed in a cheap suit wearing a Primark tie.

Prices have declined, and they have done so sharply. In fact, I would suggest you can get a deal if you’re in the right place for 30% below what it was just 6 months ago.

But these figures won’t be reported until Jan- Feb time. And by then the ‘make hay’ period will be over.

Think about it, winter turns to spring, credit card bills are paid off, and the scaremongering of projected 11% inflation will be reported to something closer to 6%. Actual interest rates of what people pay will be much lower as mortgage products get more competitive and something new will stimulate the market to win those crucial votes for the Dishy Rishi crew.

So with this cocktail of events – (mines a Bloody Mary extra celery), the Information Age recession housing crash will be over before you even know it.

And just like in April 2020 when I couldn’t YouTube my voice loud enough when I shouted. BUY BUY BUY – now is the time to throw your weight behind those super deals crying out for your landlord love.

Now I’m not saying a fool and his money won’t still be parted, so don’t think anything you buy will turn to gold! In fact be sure to check what’s behind the wrappers and ensure you’re not buying Christmas gold coins instead of the golden goose of a deal, which will keep giving……. Feeling festive yet 😊

I can promise you one thing – if you’re reading this, chances are you have your head screwed on so you know the difference between a good deal and what is the deal they give to the 19-year-old, in his first week wearing his 3-piece suit from next, trying to flog the deal that’s been on with 4 other agents already and the only people who would consider buying it is the husband and wife team who just gave their notice to leave their careers after completing some free 3-day wealth creation summit (cough cough glad I got that off my chest)

Now where to find the great deals? Simple – in the stuff which is hard to finance.

I mean the first-time buyers out there now are having their cake and eating it! 95% gov backed fixed mortgages, no SDLT, lifetime ISA 25% annual bonus Turing £4k into £5k towards a deposit, and prices have dropped. If you’re a first-time buyer you will literally change your life forever by jumping on the housing ladder right now!!!

Hard to finance, no first-time buyers & deals which have no competition – give up?


Buying commercial property, with reduce SDLT and either splitting into multiple commercial units or adding some residential is by far the best way to buy yourself into wealth this Christmas….

I complete this week on a commercial property I bid £500k for in Jan. I loved this property but didn’t get it at the time. But my completion price is £360k

Sorry, I should have warned you, apologies if you just spat your sparkling water out.

If you’re wanting to see what happens, I give you one gift this Christmas – if you wait you will miss out

Merry Christmas

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9:53 AM, 13th December 2022, About A year ago

That's good going
I know you invest in Norwich. Was this office there?
I only ask as hardly anything coming available at a decent price where I invest in Cambridge and nearby. Maybe soon. I just see the same properties, some been on over a year

Mick Roberts

15:56 PM, 13th December 2022, About A year ago

I did same in 2008. I stopped buying in 2004, but in 2008 I bought another 18 or 19. Only cause the agents were begging me as they couldn't sell them. And the numbers did add up as they was all 50% cheaper.

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