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10:46 AM, 4th September 2019
About a month ago

Legally Homeless, Out of Contract or Squatting?

I believe the council will tell the tenant to stay put and you will have to go through the courts. Sorry... Read More


10:49 AM, 13th June 2016
About 3 years ago

Who is liable for no Gas Safety Cert?

If you have a regular gas safe engineer and either he has sent reminder or you have asked them for a gsc there is a month or so leeway so my engineer has told me... Read More


11:17 AM, 16th September 2015
About 4 years ago

Property Trading - Ask Me Anything

Hi Dan
Sounds like a very efficient refurb
How did you get a team in for 4 weeks flat out and complete the job with materials for 10k?
I live in Suffolk next to Norfolk and tradesman charge between 150 -200 per day
With the fire doors alarms materials etc I can't work it out
Thanks... Read More


18:53 PM, 24th February 2015
About 5 years ago

Conveyancing Needn't Be Taxing

this post is interesting as my mortgage company told me they wouldn't let me transfer equity as it's not their policy to allow tax avoidance , ironic as it's a government owned bank who are supposed to be getting taxpayers money back.
My solicitor also said she couldn't do the transfer as they need mortgage companys ok
Could someone clarify?
Thanks... Read More