Who is responsible for my tenants £400 water bill?

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11:09 AM, 18th October 2013
About 8 years ago

Who is responsible for my tenants £400 water bill?

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Who is responsible for my tenants £400 water bill?

I recently visited my tenant with a congratulations card as they had recently had a new baby.

While I was there my tenant mentioned that the water pressure was very low from the bath tap and would my husband come round to have a look some time and that there was no rush (we manage our own properties). My husband went round 5 days later and the tenant is now saying there must be a leak somewhere as he has a water bill for £400.

My husband checked in the bathroom and there was water trickling into the toilet from the overflow system in the cistern. My husband asked the tenant if he had not heard this trickling and he said he had heard it in the night, but thought it was his son going to spend a penny!

The water has obviously been trickling like this for weeks or possibly months and this has resulted in the hefty water bill.

Who is responsible for paying the bill?

Any comments please.



Tom Thumb

10:52 AM, 29th October 2013
About 8 years ago

I think John Daley means to turn off the stopcock in the house. That should then determine whether any 'leak' is between the water meter and the house, or inside the house itself.

In which case, yes John, I did understand what you meant 🙂

(Mr Bloggs, if you must use an exclamation mark - and one should avoid doing so whenever possible - it's best not to exceed 1.)

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