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Tom Thumb

14:43 PM, 4th October 2020, About 2 years ago

How to change AST agreement when husband voluntarily moves out?

Thanks everyone.

I've left it with the lady to decide what to do. I've given her the three options - Deed of Assignment (easiest for all), mutually ending the AST and starting anew (with everything that entails), or even letting it carry on as it is (doesn't affect me, but she reckoned she didn't want this).... Read More

Tom Thumb

20:56 PM, 12th September 2020, About 2 years ago

How to change AST agreement when husband voluntarily moves out?

Thanks Simon.

Having looked into the advice given on here - thank you all so much - I'm inclined to go the 'Deed of Assignment' route as it seems the most straight forward. I'm hopeful that the husband will be amenable to his wife's wishes.... Read More

Tom Thumb

21:58 PM, 7th September 2020, About 2 years ago

How to change AST agreement when husband voluntarily moves out?

Thank you everyone.

Yes, the wife has sufficient resources to continue paying the rent, and her mum is a guarantor; we have few concerns there.

I thought DL's advice was too good to be true. We do anticipate the husband being helpful and perfectly willing to provide a letter stating he no longer wishes to be on the tenancy agreement - but this is still not enough? No way to avoid renewing the AST?

Graham, "In fact, if the agreement is for less than three years (i.e. it is not a deed) then strictly speaking no witness is needed." Could this option not be repeated every three years?!

Thanks.... Read More

Tom Thumb

10:54 AM, 8th July 2014, About 8 years ago

Anti-social behaviour directed to new tenants - please help!

By their very nature, these sorts of situations are never quick to sort out - but that's not to say that they cannot be sorted.

As said above, inform the police immediately and start to build up a file of incidences. Hopefully your existing tenant is doing just that; a precise, detailed, timed, dated, impartial and unemotive record of EVERYTHING that takes place, even if it's a SINGLE shout, swear or item thrown.

I know that it is possible to sue for loss of value due to something like an anti-social neighbour should you decide to sell the house, but it's not something that's pursued very often (more's the pity - can you imagine the delight of being able to land a court order on your neighbour's mat for a, say, £20k devalue of your property? Followed up by the Sheriff's action to recoup these losses via seized goods? Now, I'd stay to watch that one...)

What is happening here is clearly 'harassment', and that is a pretty serious criminal offence. I think that should be made clear to the police when they investigate - it IS a serious matter.... Read More

Tom Thumb

23:16 PM, 21st December 2013, About 9 years ago

End of Tenancy Repairs ... vinyl flooring

From what Andy says, the damage was caused by moving large items such as a fridge and washing machine across the vinyl floor, and not by normal wear and tear?

There is nothing 'wrong' with vinyl flooring as such - some of them can be very high quality, and actually cost more than laminate flooring - and last better too! However, care needs to be taken when moving heavy objects that don't have wheels, and if a tenant or fitter dragged a washing machine across the floor tearing the vinyl in the process, then they are surely liable for the damage.

I do understand what Mark is saying; you can get some cheap or 'cushion' vinyl flooring which is pleasant to walk on but simply won't cope with chair legs etc. being moved across them, and if fitted in a dining area would clearly be unfit for purpose.

That doesn't seem to be the case here, tho'.... Read More