We in the uk have a housing crisis?

We in the uk have a housing crisis?

10:20 AM, 9th February 2023, About A year ago 1

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MPs will tell you that their constituents ALL want to own their own house with a garden.

This concept is entirely utopian and completely beyond viable. Local Government and housing associations simply do not have the firepower. They are dependent on the Government for money and we all know what state the Public sector Borrowing requirement is in.

There is room for commercial investment. The large corporate investors are building build to rent which are in the main blocks of flats which will be 22nd-century sinkholes. They will be just like the Victorian multi properties. Dual-purpose elevators/ urinals with neighbours who have big dogs and ASBO’s.

If a tenant has a maintenance issue they will need to send an email to the maintenance centre in Manila or Cebu. How do you think that will go?

These big corporations will fund the Tory think tanks so big television commercials will go out at election time. The small buy to let investors who in normal times would be Tory voters are being hunted to extinction by a Tory Government in particular by the finance act 2015. The Tories are behind in the polls. Do we think that the small landlord has abandoned the Tory party?

There are many people who are wealthy who are being targeted by overseas countries and districts with financial incentives. They are being invited rather than requesting to go overseas. Some of these private investors will invest in properties in their local communities because they believe they are helping their local communities. They prefer this to the Wolves of Wall street. You cannot “short” a semiD?

It will make more sense to incentivise wealthy people to invest personally in the buy-to-let market so as to make more homes available.

The critics of the argument will say that it is better to have owner-occupiers ( who will vote tory?), but the population density is well known to be much lower than owner-occupied.

So the Tories are kicking the private landlord and it is politically unacceptable for Red Labour to do anything other than spit on Landlords.

If Labour were to be elected they do not have the sea room to extend the PSBR so as to make big investments in homes. If they did it would have to be back to high-rise council flats.

So every direction is blocked for ideological reason?


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12:34 PM, 9th February 2023, About A year ago

I think the point is aspiration. A Belgian colleague told me once that every Belgian is born with a brick in his stomach...an expression that means every Belgian wants to build his own house. The number of owner-occupiers is one thing...but the thing that is important is that most UK citizens *aspire* to own their own home.

We have to pay for that home from our after-tax earnings. Stamp duty is unpopular because it means we are being taxed twice. We don't pay capital gains tax on our Principle Private Residence because we'd then be paying three times...it's our home and most of us had to slave long hours for decades to own it.

Any party that attacks that is attacking aspiration.

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