Unoccupied Property Insurance?

Unoccupied Property Insurance?

0:09 AM, 24th February 2023, About A year ago 5

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Hello, we have tenants who will be leaving a property and the property has now been listed for sale.

We will need to convert our insurance to unoccupied insurance. The Insurance Company we are with requires a property visit/inspection every 7 days for unoccupied property. We are not local to the property any longer, and this is not feasible.

Do any companies have different visit stipulations – say 30 days, or are they all 7 days?




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James M

13:00 PM, 24th February 2023, About A year ago

During a long probate, we managed to get insurance cover meaning we had to stay in the property one night in 30 to maintain cover while unoccupied. No 7-day inspections were required. As the property was close to us, this was the best outcome we could find. DM me if you want me to put you in touch with our broker.

Judith Wordsworth

14:18 PM, 24th February 2023, About A year ago

You don't need a new policy. Just let your insurers know and I'm sure your estate agent will inspect the property weekly for you. Mine did.

Important to follow your policy re heating ie 24 hours at 12C to keep the policy valid.


17:03 PM, 24th February 2023, About A year ago

Thank you for the replies, we don't have a Letting Agent so that's not an option, the Estate Agent will only visit for viewings. Our current insurer is clear, it's every 7 days. We couldn't attend and stay every 30 days either, the property isn't in England, and we now are. A £600 3-day trip every 30 days, definitely isn't feasible.

In the intervening couple of weeks since I posed the question, I have found an insurer who is happy with a visit every 30 days and I have a friend who can do that. It would be unfair and onerous to ask a friend to visit every 7 days IMO, especially as we anticipate it being for a few months.

The broker mention the heating and water, the heating will be off, and the water system drained, as requested in the policy. Along with the electric.

Judith Wordsworth

8:00 AM, 25th February 2023, About A year ago

Personally. I would be looking for a different estate agent.
Might be more sensible to to leave the electric on so have light for viewings


10:09 AM, 25th February 2023, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Judith Wordsworth at 25/02/2023 - 08:00
I thought having the electricity on would be sensible, to enable having lights on a timer but, that invalidates your insurance so is a no.

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