The GOOD Landlords Campaign is Officially Launched

by Mark Alexander

12:50 PM, 27th September 2012
About 8 years ago

The GOOD Landlords Campaign is Officially Launched

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The GOOD Landlords Campaign is Officially Launched

The GOOD Landlords CampaignAll GOOD Landlords want to differentiate themselves from the rogues and criminals which seem to get the lions share of media attention.

Well now they can!

The GOOD Landlords Campaign is officially launched.

The GOOD Landlords Campaign is sure to be the talking point amongst all landlords and everybody associated with the lettings industry.

So why has The GOOD Landlords Campaign been created?

The perfect tenant for most landlords will tick the following boxes:-

1) They pay their rent on time

2) They respect the property

3) They respect the neighbours

4) They want to stay long term

But what can good tenants reasonably expect from their landlords?

For further details of The GOOD Landlords Campaign please ……

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12:36 PM, 27th September 2012
About 8 years ago

Maybe you should add to the end.

If I give you a section 21 notice, you may then leave without having to give me notice anytime within the 2 months. Maybe also removes the tenants need to give notice within 2 months of a rent increase.

If I give your notice to leave otherwise then for you not keeping your side of the agreement, then the wear and tear will be judged as if live you have been there at for least 5 years.

I think rent increases need to be linked to more than just the RPI, maybe to the max in the increase of the RPI, LHA and some “private rental” index, otherwise I would not be happy as a landlord.

Mark Alexander

13:40 PM, 27th September 2012
About 8 years ago

Hi Ian, once you become a sponsor you will receive a copy of the "deed of assurance" template and you can amend it as necessary to suit your purposes. I'd suggest you consult with a solicitor before using though if you decide to do that.

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