Property Investment Strategies

Jack will sell up due to tax changes wrecking his plans


Jack moved out of his flat three months ago to live with his girlfriend. Rather than selling his flat he decided to obtain consent from his mortgage lender to rent it out to two students just in case the relationship doesn’t work out and he needs to move back in. He’s a normal guy, certainly… Read more

A new strategy for Tony and his wife


Tony contacted me for help to understand how the tax changes to mortgage interest relief will affect the property rental business of himself and his wife. A fact find and the report below was completed in two hours. Tony has given me permission to share the bulk of the report on the basis that it… Read more

Steve will save over £47,000 in tax


Steve is on of my Consultancy clients. He will now be £47,454 better off in tax terms over the next 5 years with just a few simple tweaks to the ownership structure of his property portfolio. Not a bad return on two hours of Consultancy costing £400 including VAT is it? He owns 4 properties… Read more

High Level Tax Planning For Property Rental Businesses


Partnerships operating a property rental business can convert to a Limited Company status (“incorporation”) and claim tax relief to offset both capital gains tax and Stamp Duty that would otherwise be payable. The benefit of incorporation is that it allows landlords to retain profits at corporation tax rates of 20% and falling, and continue to offset 100%… Read more

The cost of not seeking for professional advice


Sometimes ignorance is bliss, at other times it is very expensive!  About a year ago I spoke with a very established landlord who, together with her partner, were in the process of selling many of their properties to pay down mortgages. She was furious with the tax changes introduced by George Osborne and had decided… Read more

Rent To Rent Insurance


Rent To Rent Insurance has been incredibly difficult if not impossible to place until now. To a great extent this is because insurance underwriters have struggled to source sufficient data to establish risk profiles. However, the success of AirBNB and similar websites has resulted in enough comparable risk information becoming available. Based on high demand… Read more

Possible Strategy For Frustrated First Time Buyers?


We often read about people living in London, Cambridge and other areas where property prices are at a premium and beyond the reach of most first time buyers. I fully understand their frustration because, in many cases, as fast as they can save a deposit, the amount of deposit required increases at a faster pace. I have been giving… Read more

New Tax Strategy For Accidental Landlords


For those new to buy to let and considering the letting of their current home, in order to buy another for themselves (usually at a higher price) there is a way to avoid the 3% SDLT surcharge on the more expensive property by following this strategy. Create a new limited company and sell your current… Read more

Flexibility and resilience in joint ventures


When buying property with another person, typically with an investor, what’s important for us is sticking to our ethos and values. This allows us to over come most issues in the right way. This doesn’t mean every joint venture or deal is the same. Actually what’s important to remember is flexibility must always be a… Read more

QNUPS structure – Viable for Buy-To-Let landlords?


QNUPS? Just suppose you could pay a flat rate of 20% tax on gross rental income regardless of how much profit you receive. Then sweeten the deal by removing any potential for capital gains tax and/or inheritance tax. In a nutshell, that’s what can be achieved by using a QNUPS structure to invest into Buy-To-Let. … Read more


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