The cost of Bonfire Night mishaps

The cost of Bonfire Night mishaps

15:25 PM, 4th November 2021, About 2 years ago 1

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Bonfire Night, with its accompanying fireworks display, continues to be one of the most widely-celebrated events in the calendar. Towns and cities, small and large, will be hosting public displays throughout the country, but with COVID-19 still a concern for some, more people than ever are expected to host their own celebrations at home.

However, doing so comes with a series of risks, the biggest of which, aside from the safety of the people in attendance, is the potential damage caused to the home and garden.

Carpet cleaning – £30

Any time guests come round, and especially if they’re moving between the garden and home, there is a good chance carpet will be damaged from spills and muddy shoes.

A professional clean will set you back around £30 per room, a price that can vary depending on the size and number of rooms that require cleaning. If the damage is severe enough for the carpet to need replacing, the cost grows much bigger.

Guttering – £30

Should a stray firework cause damage to your guttering you could also be looking at about £30 to replace depending on the size of the job.

Roof tiles – £85

Wayward fireworks can also cause roof tiles to crack or dislodge and a single tile averages £85 to replace.

Fencing – £100

Bonfires and fireworks pose a risk to any wooden structures in and around the garden. If a fence catches fire, it can cost, depending on the type of fencing, around £100 to replace each individual panel.

Garden Furniture and sheds – £250 – £290

Garden furniture is at risk, too, and if it catches fire or is damaged and needs to be replaced items can start at £250 while the garden shed, most likely to be damaged by out-of-control bonfires, costs around £290 to replace.

Windows – £450

If a stray firework smashes or cracks a window, the cost of replacing it starts at £200 for double-glazing, with the average price being around £450 although the damage that could occur once a stray firework enters your home could be far greater.

The lawn – £495

Finally, if the bonfire leaves nasty burns or scorch marks on the garden grass, replacing it costs between £3 and £7 per square meter, depending on the quality of the turf. This means, on average, a medium-sized lawn will cost £495 to replace should an out of control bonfire spread

In the worst-case scenario, fireworks and bonfires can cause major fire damage to the home itself. Any such damage can be incredibly expensive to repair, reaching as much as £50,000, if not more.

Founder and CEO of, Colby Short, commented:

“Who doesn’t love Bonfire Night? Aside from our four-legged friends, of course, and while it’s always advisable to attend a formally organised and managed fireworks display, it’s understandable that some people will want to avoid crowded spaces by hosting their own this year.

“But the decision to host a fireworks party should not be taken lightly – it comes with very real risks that need mitigating and managing with some basic safety rules inspired by a heavy dose of common sense. But even with all the caution in the world, accidents can happen and homeowners should have a good think about how they can prevent them, as well as afford to rectify them should the worst happen.”

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russell branch

9:59 AM, 5th November 2021, About 2 years ago

How sad to read that so many people particularly our menfolk are cowering in fear and afraid to leave home in fear of a virus with a recovery rate in excess of 99%.

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