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russell branch

10:33 AM, 6th December 2018
About 4 days ago

Agent bites back at Westminster for 5 week deposit cap

As an native Brit and landlord it is clear to me the UK is not governed for the benefit of my sort. Rather government policies favour an international elite and those of foreign birth. As a result I have moved abroad to reduce my CGT liabilities on property sales as I have no desire to contribute tax revenues to a hostile power which governs against people of my ilk.... Read More

russell branch

9:21 AM, 7th December 2016
About 2 years ago

Why do the Government and Nottingham City Council have it in for Residential Landlords?

They hate the idea of the little man accruing capital. I always thought the Buy to Let arrangements in their original form were too good to be true. And as increasing numbers of "little people" built up capital the situation caught the eye of the State and corporations. Hence we are now seeing an attempt by the State and their corporate cronies to deprive us of our capital.... Read More

russell branch

18:51 PM, 15th August 2015
About 3 years ago

Forced to become a tax exile?

I have a house in Thailand where I spend the winter. So moving out of the UK for nine months of the year to escape CGT would be easier for me than for most people. Is it really as straight forward as that? I will check with my accountant.... Read More