Students put good housing just ahead of costs

Students put good housing just ahead of costs

17:15 PM, 14th June 2012, About 12 years ago 1

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Students are more likely to rent good quality homes while away at university than worry as much about price or location, according to a new study.

Nevertheless, around two-thirds consider landlords are still charging them too much for accommodation, says the research by student housing provider FreshStart Living.

The poll findings revealed students care about quality of accommodation(35%) ahead of the cost of renting (33%) and property location (32%).

Discussing rents, one in eight (12%) said they would only pay £60-80 a week for housing, 60% felt £60 – £80 a week was OK, while 25% said they would stretch to £100-120 a week, but only 3% would consider paying £120-140 a week. No one would consider paying more.

The National Union of Students reckons the cost of renting for students has risen by more than a fifth (22%) over the past three years, with the average rents now poised to break the £100 a week barrier at £98.99 per week.

Half of students are worried about managing their money as average tuition fees increase to almost £9,000 annually from later this year. Almost all (96.8%) prefer to opt to live in private rented accommodation over university halls if private letting is more affordable.

More than eight out of 10 students (83%) believe more affordable student housing options should be available.

One student taking part in the poll, Adam Makki, 20, said: “Living at university is the easiest and most sociable way of living while studying. However, I wish there was more affordable student accommodation out there. It would help a lot.”

Manchester-based FreshStart Living targets derelict buildings in prime locations for development in to student housing.

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22:46 PM, 15th June 2012, About 12 years ago

These students are living in a dream world.
When Article 4 decimates available accommodation as LL withdraw from the HMO game they will find they have to pay more for normnal housing.
So for a 3 bed property they will have to pay £600 pm each.
It will be a normal property with no student incentives.
They will have to arrnage their bband an utilities.
If they don't come up with this sort of money the LL will just rent to families.
The students will have to start renting rooms rather than sharing whole properties.
Things will get a lot tougher for students as more muti-occupancy property is converted to normal dwellings or is withdrawn form the letting market and sold as family housing.
All this will have been caused by councils trying to prevent studentification.
They want the profits that these students bring to the council but don't want them actually living in the council area.
Ridiculous, these councils are behaving like NIMBY's regarding a student population, they want all the benefits of such, but don't want to acknowledge they have to live somewhere!!?

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