Section 8 – What if house left empty for longer?

Section 8 – What if house left empty for longer?

9:08 AM, 15th November 2023, About 6 months ago 3

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I issued a section 21 which expired in early September. The tenant stayed in. My insurer took over and seems they are going the Section 8 route, not the Section 21, even though all procedures were followed exactly with the S21.

I have a rent guarantee policy in place and I understand this may be because the insurer wants to reclaim rent from the defaulting tenant under a Section 8, even though this is more uncertain and takes far, far longer to get possession. (You cannot reclaim rent under a S. 21) That sounds credible since I also have a rent default policy and they want to reclaim that I am sure.

However, I think the most likely thing is that my tenant will quietly flit in the coming months so she cannot be tracked down, since she is flat broke and they don’t have a bats chance in hell of getting anything from her. The house could then be broken into or squatted and then if that happened I wonder who would cover the cost of repairs? I had not considered the possibility that the house could be deliberately left empty for many months longer by the insurers pursuing an extra slow route to get possession!

Would appreciate it if anyone could cast a bit of light here?

Many thanks.


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Seething Landlord

9:52 AM, 15th November 2023, About 6 months ago

S8 is not necessarily a longer process. If insurers are covering loss of rent they have a vested interest in getting possession as quickly as possible so I would leave it to them to decide the best course. Since you believe she might abandon the property, regular visits to see if she's still there would minimise the risks that you envisage.

The Barefoot Landlord

7:30 AM, 16th November 2023, About 6 months ago

Rent guarantee possessions are always based on rent arrears through a section 8 as the policy will only cover your legal fees for rent arrears cases.

Happy housing

9:18 AM, 16th November 2023, About 6 months ago

I'm going through the same issue. My insurer covered the legal cost but not the rent guarantee even though I was suppose to be covered. Its a long process tenants not moving out and I've seen them sub letting the rooms. I'm lucky it's a dwp tenant so applied for the housing costs come to Me luckily. You need to understand if your I insure cannot track the person, its shouldn't be to hard tracking people is much easier now than before and you can aim to target the bank account to retrieve the rent arrears, this is what I'm hoping.

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