Retrospective Stamp Duty after change of use?

by Readers Question

9 months ago

Retrospective Stamp Duty after change of use?

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Retrospective Stamp Duty after change of use?

Suppose I decide to nominate a former rental property long in my possession as my main home within the permitted window for making the election.

My main home, purchased in 2016, now becomes my second home. I paid only the ordinary stamp duty when I purchased it, since it involved the exchange of one main home for another.

However, after changing the election would I have to pay the additional stamp duty on second homes retrospectively on my former main home?

Many thanks



Neil Patterson

9 months ago

Hi Catherine,

Stamp duty is only payable on a purchase so if you move to your other property there would be no SDLT payable retrospectively as long as you correctly reported your last purchase.

Any new purchase would incur the additional 3% surcharge unless you are selling your main residence and replacing it with a new main residence.

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