Request for possession on HMO?

Request for possession on HMO?

0:02 AM, 5th July 2024, About 2 weeks ago 1

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Hi everyone, I requested possession on a room in a HMO. I have today received a General Form of Judgement ordering me to respond by 19 July to following questions none of it makes sense.

I have copied word for word so it is not my words that don’t make sense. My comments in brackets.

1. Evidence that the HMO licence is in the name of the Claimant and not the Freeholder or why leaseholder current information being silent as to the applicant.
2. Evidence as to the HMO where at the this date of the tenancy namely 24/3/2022 (the AST is dated 24/3/2021 not 2022 and the requirement is for a licence to be in place before serving section 21 not at time of signing AST)
3. A proper certificate of service of the Section 21 notice in form N215. (We always only send proof of postage and delivery which has never been a problem)

Can anyone explain what this is on about?


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Jill Church

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17:54 PM, 5th July 2024, About 2 weeks ago

I would contact the person or Court that sent the letter and politely ask that they clarify exactly what they want for 1 and 2. Seems to be some query with your HMO licence. I agree, it isnt very clear!

No 3 is form N215. "CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE"; this is 2 page form which should be completed by whoever actually serves the Notice. If you served Section 21 in person AND further copy by post then fill in 2 forms. Go on Gov.Uk website and type in N215. It is proof that documents have been served correctly. If form N215 wasn't completed at the time print one off and fill it in and send it with the proof of posting you hold (or copies thereof). Ensure you date it same date as shown on proof of posting!!. It should have been submitted to court with initial paperwork. We operate in Wales which has different requirements; we had to send 3 copies of every form and document into the Court.
At least they have given you chance to submit any missing information, I believe they can send it back marked "incomplete" and don't explain what's missing.

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