Rent Repayment Order Offer accepted Pre-Coronavirus?

Rent Repayment Order Offer accepted Pre-Coronavirus?

10:01 AM, 27th May 2020, About 4 years ago 3

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Our previous tenants from 2018 submitted a Rent Repayment Order claim for non licence HMO. Initial Rent Repayment Order Letter correspondence from previous tenants solicitor was received February 2020.

We then made a financial offer Pre Coronavirus Pandemic, our offer was submitted to the tenants via there solicitor beginning March 2020. In the offer letter we stated that due to our already fragile financial situation, a third party would be supporting/loaning us the funds to pay the RRO.

The previous tenants then accepted our offer April 2020. We have since sent a further reply since they accepted advising due to the current pandemic we now have found ourselves in further fragile financial status. Also advising the initial third party support/loan is no longer available due to there now fragile financial situation. We have proposed a lower settlement figure(which third party can support us with) to which the solicitor has advised once an offer is made and accepted, it becomes legally binding.

They have advised that they will issue court proceedings to enforce the terms agreed upon. And we will also be held liable for previous tenants court costs.

My question is: Were do we stand? And what would you do?

We feel no consideration is being given to the current situation so many of us find ourselves in. We just want this nightmare dealing with as a matter of urgency and want to prevent court proceedings at all costs!

Thanks in advance


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Neil Patterson

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10:05 AM, 27th May 2020, About 4 years ago

Hi Lizzie,

I would consider contacting Landlord Licensing & Defence at, tel 0208 088 0788 or

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Jon Landlord

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11:11 AM, 27th May 2020, About 4 years ago

Mick Roberts

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7:52 AM, 28th May 2020, About 4 years ago

Disgusting this is in't it.
U make a mistake or whatever, let's even say some may be a bit naughty.
Ok, naughty boy, we fining u.
But Oh no, we the council & we don't like Landlords cause 21% are bad so u all bad. So we not only fining u, we gonna' do our best to put u out of business, less Landlords the better. Even though u housing the people we can't house.
Tenants temporarily win. Except next year tenants can't find anywhere to live. And if they do, it's now extortionate rent cause it's supply & demand. And the remaining Landlords even though they may not have been a bast__d previously, they now gonna' get what rent they can. This is exactly my case, undercharged my tenants for years. Tried to only give rent increase when Licensing has forced our hand or the LHA rates have increased, so it doesn't cost the tenant personally. I feel I have loyalty & morals & conscience to my existing long term tenants that haven't been a bast__d to me. But when IF a house comes empty & I don't sell, when I re-let, I want AS MUCH rent as I can get. Cause I don't know the incoming tenant, I have no loyalty to them. I NEED as much as I can get, as we never know where the next Govt & Council attack is gonna' come from, so we need some funds for that. And I charge as much as I can get-Well just cause I can cause that's the position the Govt & Councils has left these tenants in, they having to bid & queue for properties cause of Govt & Council policies bought in over the last 5 years. Tenants seemingly think they being helped, but that Govt Minister & Councillor & Council worker moves dept, don't see the calamity he's caused 2 years later, whereas us Landlords & the house is still here trying to pick up the pieces they've left us with.

Landlord in Nottingham genuinely didn't know about Licensing. Licensing knocked on his two houses. He now has 2 x 6k fines including RRO = 12k. Licensing inspected the houses, found nothing wrong. A paper exercise.
Licensing totally forgot it's main purpose-TO MAKE HOUSES BETTER FOR TENANTS. In this case, they've made tenants lives worse as Landlords like this either sell, put the rent up, or less funds now for maintenance.

I feel better now I've got that out me system ha ha.

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