Property118 Landlord Newsletter – Issue 91

Property118 Landlord Newsletter – Issue 91

13:21 PM, 1st February 2012, About 13 years ago 1

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Mark Alexander shares his thoughts on how to regulate the letting industry and adds a thought provoking social media video link to his landlord’s log. HMRC delays its self assessment filing deadline by 48hrs, Mary Latham draws attention to a dangerous scam email and Ally MacDermot passes on some top tips to brighten up communal hallways. There’s also the latest news from the private rented sector.

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The latest articles added by Mary Latham, who has 40 years experience and consults for the NLA and Midlands Landlords Accreditation:
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  The latest articles added by Ally MacDermot, a New York born interior designer with over 20 years’ experience:
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14:13 PM, 2nd February 2012, About 13 years ago

Why is this silly Government still leting the LHA pay the tenants direct and still giving them the opportunity to take money from Landlords who are being attacked by even my own MP Rob Flello in the Commons saying the Government should get tough on making Landlords repair houses. What planet is this idiot on most tenants i know in Stoke struggle to pay the rent and many Housing Benefit tenants leave owing thousands of pinds of rent to good Landlords as the LHA scheme of Works and Pension idiots are still paying the tenants the rent direct and only after stealing 8 weeks of rent does by the tenant can the Landlord claim the Rent Direct to his account.   However  is then owed £800 by the Tenant and if has to evict later a troublesome tenant he will loose this rent and probably get his house trashed in the process by the tenant or items stolen and no notice as why would a tenant give notice if they can leave owing £800 thats at £400 pcm x 2 months  = 8 weeks rent.

Also where does Rob Flello think the money is coming from to renovate the house when often a Landlord 85% geared interest only on the house only has a £100 - £150 profit per month and this is often used to repair damage and tused to cover stolen Housing Benefit rent as the LHA scheme gives all the money to the tenant.     What is even more amazing is when they have ran off and trashed a Landlords house and owe the 8 weeks rent plus the notice period of 60 days rent so in all around £2000 they then run away and get paid Housing Benefit on another property as even if a Landlord reports them to the Council , the council still pay them and tell the Landlord to take the tenant to court -----oh great advice if you can find the little sh***......bleep bleep tenant.

There is certainly no money left over for the renovation of houses with so many tenants shortfalling with rental payments and this Robert Flello Stoke MP should grow up and get the facts straight before addressing parliment saying Landlords dont repair houses.   Why doesnt he talk about non paying tenants and why the money is going direct to the tenant by LHA and so stopping the Landlord paying the banks and doing repairs to houses.  The tenants have all the Laws on there side and in my experience it is those tenants who are false and wrong and many with debts to the Landlords.   Perhaps Mr Robert Flello doesnt want to upset his majority Labour following of DSS Housing Benefit tenants in Stoke all 35,000 of them.  Spare a thought for the Landlord not getting his rent and being robbed by people keeping Housing Benefit money being aid direct to them by the LHA leaving a Landlord no money to spend on houses and a big job just to keep the banks paid to stop re-possession.     Think again Mr Flello and get your facts right. 

There is no FREE Ticket in life like most people think that the state owes them - I say get out and Work and let the people who really need support receive the benefits and to the others stop thinking like England has a big free pocket of money to pay you all.  You should support your country and we would not have an 80 Billion pound Benefit bill to pay for which is what really cripples Englands economy and stops us competing.  In Brazil you would all get nothing and they have NO DEBT and our Mr Gordon Brown had to go cap in hand 5 years ago and beg them to lend us some money in 2007.   WHY because we have so many who think they have a right to state benefit money and they do not wish to work.   Why do i find polish all pay there rent on time yes because they are doing 15 hours a day working keeping our hotels and our other manufacturing  industry in production whilst certain others dont get out of there room to look for work.

There used to be a pride to work when i was young and if on Benefits i always felt ashamed to be having someones money that i had not earned.  Now its seen as someones right to have Benefits and a big outcry if they dont get any benefits. -----        Get back to work i say and help your country out and stop feeling so selfish about yourself and thinking about your right to have someone give you free money from our diminishing pot of reserves.

Good Luck. 

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