Planning permission and HMO garden sizes

by Readers Question

4 years ago

Planning permission and HMO garden sizes

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Planning permission and HMO garden sizes

I’ve been talking to our local council about splitting a (very) large HMO into an HMO and a family home.  Planning permission and HMO garden sizes

They have clear rules for gardens for family homes (these should have at minimum a garden the size of the footprint of the building), as well as clear rules for flats (a good balcony or very small garden is fine), but no rules about HMOs.

From conversations with planning officers it is clear that they haven’t thought this through except to acknowledge that HMO gardens can be smaller, as there is no expectation of families with children living there who may need to “kick a ball around”. But what is needed?

It would be very helpful to know if there are any precedents or other councils who have thought this through more carefully.

Many thanks

David Mensah


Ian Ringrose

4 years ago

Given that an HMO can be turned into a family house without planning consent….

David Mensah

4 years ago

sorry, I should have added, the new HMO will remain sui generis so that it can't be changed to C3 without consent.

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