Old leases since 1945

Old leases since 1945

8:39 AM, 12th September 2013, About 9 years ago 12

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I am a landlord of an old lease from the 1960s for a Victorian detached property in Surrey – My tenant who was long term since the 60s recently died. His daughter who cared for him took on the lease – The problem is for such a little rent – they have not complied with the lease and its clauses – which are different from the leases we now have –

I am responsible in the lease for external repairs, they are responsible for the plumbing electrics, internal redecoration condition – surveyors fees –

The trouble is they have not done anything in the last 50 years! the windows do not open due to moss (sash windows), the walls ceilings and carpets are still the same and decor is from the 60s- On the subject of paint although they have said they did paint it- they provided me with nothing when I asked for receipts! – I have thought about sampling and testing the paint to establish the age! I recently had surveyors in who assessed the condition – they have advised me to see a specialist solicitor to advise me on the terms of the lease which are unusual (remember it is from the 60’s) I am really stuck on how I can bring the property back into compliance of this lease? how should I move forward ? the tenants are not helping at all!

Also please shed some light on how leases changed since 1945? Old leases since 1945

Best regards

Tony Bains


Tony Bains

11:15 AM, 13th September 2013, About 9 years ago


All thank you for your comments, will get back to you shortly with some more answers on questions you have asked.

Tony Bains

18:19 PM, 13th September 2013, About 9 years ago

Thank you for your interest in my case. Is any of this information of help

History of the flat -1965/6 the flat was let to on a five years lease.
for a tenant from Finland. He was then recalled back to Finland November 1968.
Remainder of the lease was then handed over to a new tenant on 1968 with two years to go. This tenant was then asked to agree a rent increase in 1971.We finally agreed the rent increase In 1977 ,to £20.00 per week. I am the free holder of 5 flats within the Building No lease was given more than five years. A new tenant came over from Tenerife and has now lived in the flat for 35 years. She was caring for her father in the flat who was the tenant from 1969, he then died in 2013 and since then she has assumed an assured tenancy and gone back to Tenerife since August!

Thanks for your advice I have had a schedule of Dilaps conducted by Surveyors they have advised me to see specialist solicitors. I have got quotes from contractors regarding redecoration, and if the tenant does not comply will claim possession-

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