Nottingham Selective Licensing payment upfront!

Nottingham Selective Licensing payment upfront!

8:50 AM, 21st January 2020, About 2 years ago 12

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I’m posting an email a fellow landlord sent to Nottingham Council which highlights one of many issues of their scheme.

Dear Whoever,

I have received a lot of paperwork from you (draft Landlord License, Proposal to grant a licence, legal documents, notes) plus a request for the second payment.

However, within all this paperwork there is NO contact name or number, which obviously makes it really hard to have a discussion about payment or any other issues.

Not all Landlords live in Nottingham, so I am not travelling from my home in XXXXX to Nottingham to visit for a quick enquiry!

When I rang Nottingham City Council to try and make an enquiry from anyone in the Licensing team – I was told I could make a complaint only! Very negative. I actually did not want to complain, just discuss payment! If you are only inviting complaints, that is not a good way in which to try and create support within the Landlords and your Licensing scheme.

My query is regarding the out-of-the-blue second part payment. Are you expecting everyone to be able to find £320 at two week’s notice?

I will pay, but would prefer to pay in at least two amounts. It is January, I am a single parent with one rental property, and I don’t have big sums lying around. My Licence application went in July 2018, I paid the first amount £480 in August 2019. I have been awaiting a second payment demand but had no idea when the next payment would be demanded.

I had an email today, demanding the rest within two weeks – a little unnerving…. I would prefer a bit of warning, or the option to pay in parts.

In case any person should wish to discuss this with me in person, I enclose my phone number!

I would be grateful if you could reply asap in order for me NOT to have to make a complaint,

Thank you,


by Luke P

10:12 AM, 26th January 2020, About 2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Old Mrs Landlord at 26/01/2020 - 08:36
Not to mention the mention the presumption that ’rich’ LLs just have the money lying around. You can pay council tax, TV licence, vehicle excise duty in instalments, because it has to be workable/realistic for the masses. Unfortunately, LLs are viewed as ‘minted’ and greedy, even though they may only own a tiny % of their BTL (possibly even be in negative equity), so can be more of a millstone that what your average non-LL can stomach financially.

by Amjed

15:52 PM, 26th January 2020, About 2 years ago

I have a property in Nottingham sadly. I totally agree they are a joke. It's just a way of making money. I have put up my rent. I've had some good deals offered in Nottingham, I wonder why? I would not investor in Nottingham again. I'm also thinking of moving out of renting when an opportunity arrives.

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