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Amjed Khan

16:05 PM, 20th August 2019
About 2 months ago

Stamp on 50% inheritance buy out?

Sadly were going through probate which involves a parental home. Although I too wanted to keep the house, the family decision was to sell the house. The proceeds would count as part of my late father's estate and then distributed after tax. Sadly my share could face IHT in the future on my death. To avoid this I plan to use deed of variance to hold my share in trust.... Read More

Amjed Khan

13:24 PM, 25th June 2018
About A year ago

Buy to let - say nothing, do nothing, be nothing

I agree with all the above. Also look at SSAS and maximising tax relief and even invest in property through SSAS. I want to do this but my pension pot is too small. Also for commercial property the tax treatment currently is different.... Read More

Amjed Khan

9:23 AM, 12th April 2017
About 3 years ago

Tax on property - high or low rate?

Nice to see another Amjed on this forum.

A good accountant will not only tell you your tax band but would help to organise your affairs more efficiently.

Out of curiosity which vitamins does your company sell? As this isn't property related you could email me Read More

Amjed Khan

23:19 PM, 21st March 2017
About 3 years ago

When JVs go wrong but don't go bad

Thanks for the insights. Sounds like a night mare. Hoping to do some JV'S in Manchester soon. Do you have any contract templates that you would be willing to share.

Amjed... Read More

Amjed Khan

22:52 PM, 17th March 2017
About 3 years ago

The Goose that laid the golden egg

Thanks for bringing this poitou to everyone's attention. I'm still in a full time job so not an issue for me. If you do end up settings up a Ltd company then I would suggest that you look at SASS. Remember every ones circumstances are unique and you need to take professional advice.... Read More