New form 6A – Date format confusion?

by Readers Question

14:14 PM, 12th June 2019
About 6 days ago

New form 6A – Date format confusion?

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New form 6A – Date format confusion?

Last week I had to serve notice on a tenant and I noticed the Form 6A had changed.

The new Form 6a must be used from 1 June 2019: Click Here to download the new form.

The part that has raised some concern is the Date required to leave drop down box. My notice expired 12th August 2019 and my understanding is that it should read 12/08/2019 but, if you use their date selector it comes out 8/12/19 so one could say that it looks like 8th December 2019?

Made all the more confusing when on that drop down it displays the ‘today’s date’ in the correct format of dd/mm/yyyy makes me wonder if this is yet something else to hinder landlords.




15:18 PM, 12th June 2019
About 6 days ago

The new 6a form only has to be used for tenancies from 1st June, for tenancies prior to the 1st you can still use the other 6a

Annie Landlord

18:09 PM, 12th June 2019
About 6 days ago

I think that date format issue has already been flagged up and will be fixed - sometime!

David Price

8:47 AM, 13th June 2019
About 5 days ago

This sort of confusion is why I always use the international date (time) format as defined in ISO 8601, YYYY-MM-DD. This avoids all confusion particularly as I have to interact with the Philippines, a country which uses the American format. I have had tremendous argument with banks who refuse to accept cheques with this date format but eventually even they had to capitulate.
Use the ISO 8601 format at the start of every filename and all your files are automatically presented in chronological order.

John Dace

10:05 AM, 13th June 2019
About 5 days ago

Don't you just love the mad crazy techno world we now live in!
I guess its called progress!

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