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John Dace

11:24 AM, 15th October 2020
About a month ago

Can private landlords refuse to let to Housing Benefit claimants?

Not one mention of ‘Clawback’. This is the no.1 complaint I have with benefit claimants. They do something wrong - (Which is totally out of our control or knowledge) and we have to give the money back. Unacceptable. Its a bit like - employer pays wages to employee - tenant pays rent to us - tenant gets dismissed from job for years of Pilfering / Incompetence - the employer says -right I want all that rent back from landlord.
Would you take on that tenant?... Read More

John Dace

12:24 PM, 21st September 2020
About 2 months ago

Is this a DWP system failure or just an excuse?

Shelter moans about discrimination against UC claimants. I am very unlikely to take UC claimants - not because of the tenant - but because of the system whereby the provider (us landlords) are at such massive risk. Stories like this (and worse) are common place and I simply refuse to put that noose around my neck. The sooner all landlords do the same - the sooner something might change. When it comes to a decision - it will be based on “am I going to receive the rent due regularly and reliably and without hassle” And “is it possible for any rent paid to get clawed back by DWP for some action by the tenant totally beyond my control.” And “if there is any issue with rent, can I communicate to get it resolved quickly and easily”. Currently I cannot see the correct answers to those from any UC claimant.... Read More

John Dace

12:35 PM, 13th August 2020
About 3 months ago

Can UC take on board Local Council advice?

My advice.... stop dealing with ‘challenging’ tenants - let the Gov realise why no-one will touch them - then (and only then) will they change the sytem.... Read More

John Dace

13:57 PM, 30th July 2020
About 4 months ago

Landlords warned not to discriminate against benefits tenants

I will not discriminate. I will be asking working tenants ,”is there any chance your employer can come to me and claw back rent money you paid me.? Or any risk anyone can demand rent back from me for any reason? Then ask same question of benefit / UC applicant.
For me - the possibility of a claw back of rent by council/ UC because boyfriend slept over or they did a cash in hand job etc is totally unfair. They do stuff we have no control over - we pay.
That will always be my reason for declining.... Read More

John Dace

11:01 AM, 13th July 2020
About 5 months ago

Shadow housing secretary accusing Sunak of massive 'Bung' to Landlords

So company director.... you already have 1 van .... next one will be plus 3%. You have 1 TV, next one will cost you extra 3%. One car already? Next one 3%. Mr and Mrs you already have 1 Child.... pay extra 3% vat on everything for the next. Fair? This extra tax is purely an attack on the private rented sector. If the social rented sector was fit for purpose then there wouldnt be much of a private rented sector. But as there isn't, we need the private sector (now more than ever) so wheres the sense in killing it? We offer in the main, nicer, more appealing homes for a wide range of people happy with the arrangement. Stop persecuting us. I question the whole idea of subsidised housing anyway. The idea started to house people as a temporary fix who found themselves down on their luck (as per the whole social security system). Now it has become about encouraging the idea - “you owe me somewhere cheap to live” “ its my right that everyone else should pay for my life”. This ‘Great’ Britain has become ‘Take‘ Britain.... Read More