My ITV News interview with Dan Hewitt

My ITV News interview with Dan Hewitt

15:47 PM, 1st December 2022, About 2 years ago 4

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Hi Property118 readers, Wednesday night in my ITV News interview with Dan Hewitt the main narrative of the story was that tenants are being evicted because LHA rates have been frozen till 2024, so arrears are rising.

However, it started off by saying Paul Shamplina is serving an eviction notice 4 weeks before Xmas. What wasn’t mentioned was that the tenant was over £17k in rent arrears and the landlord had waited 18 months before taking action.

I did a full interview explaining the wider issues in the Private Rental Sector on why rents are increasing and why rent arrears will increase in 2023, but again was not used in the programme. Obviously, tenants facing eviction and being evicted are very sad.

The reality is, it’s going to be really rough for tenants, they are the biggest losers in all of this, but what is unprecedented is the number of landlords leaving the sector to sell up, meaning now we just don’t have a cost of living crisis, we have a rental stock crisis too.

When the winter months come and we head into 2023, possessions figures will rise dramatically.

Here’s the full article of the story, rather than an edit >>

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Charlene D

11:08 AM, 2nd December 2022, About 2 years ago

This is really interesting and something that I am experiencing first hand with HB tenants. Historically I have rented to young families on HB where no agencies or other LLs would provide housing for them due to certain stigma and prejudice's. I thought I was being a good landlord but now I feel that I am being demonised as I am sure many others are too. The LHA in our area is well below the current rates and tenants just cannot afford the properties anymore. I have recently served S21 notices to 3 of my tenants - two I need to sell and one is required for private use. Neither of them can find other affordable housing and the LA have actively advised them not to hand the keys back until a court order is served. What an awful situation all round. The government really need to step up! I used to feel proud to be a landlord but now I prefer to keep a low profile.


11:29 AM, 2nd December 2022, About 2 years ago

I like the phrase "rental stock crisis". It's simple and if we could get it out there in the media over and over again, it might help the correct problem to be identified more often.
It's the answer to every problem in the PRS -
xxxx was caused by "the rental stock crisis"
xxxx will increase "the rental stock crisis"
The media needs buzz words and catch phrases unfortunately.


15:32 PM, 2nd December 2022, About 2 years ago

Four weeks before Christmas!
This person has had 18 months of Christmases every day.
A £17000. Stolen present to themselves .
I wouldn't be surprised if the property owner was well into debt caused be this theft of rent .The media companies obviously don't care about good investigative journalism, instead prefer the sensationalist head lines .
Shame on you ITV 😕

Mick Roberts

17:39 PM, 2nd December 2022, About 2 years ago

As I said on LinkedIn.

Unbelievable isn't it Paul. You say your bit. You say the truth. Where if shown, someone may act and we may turn the corner for the good tenants who can't get houses any more. But yet again, they only show what looks to be the bad thing the Landlord is doing. Thing is, they know they doing this. But gets them the TV ratings which is what they bothered about

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