Must I tell the Local Authority?

Must I tell the Local Authority?

10:48 AM, 14th August 2019, About 4 years ago 3

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Penultimate sale completed just over a week ago. I am no longer providing social, educational and interest free loan services; the Gov’t can do it now. A muted hooraaah.

Being the belt and braces type, I follow up all loose ends. I know from experience it takes time for sale information to wend it’s way through various systems. A journey that for one reason or other may never start, doesn’t complete or is simply slower than the hair trigger of a debt collection department.

I let the energy and water suppliers know of the change of ownership, provided meter readings etc. They are writing to the new owner ‘Dear Occupier’.

The freeholder didn’t ask for the name either. (They assume that the buyers solicitor will tell them within a month and then put a note on the account that I had called and that the property was sold; change of ownership)

I then let the LA know that I am not responsible for the Council Tax. The LA have asked me the name of the new owner to update records.

With one eye on my GDPR registration, I’m not convinced I should tell them and told them so. I also asked whether they could compel me.

So, in anticipation of a reply from a supervisor who is as qualified as I in matters legal, does the LA have the power to make me tell them who the new owner is? After all, the new owners have nothing to do with me and when things update the Land Registry will hold the information.





13:43 PM, 14th August 2019, About 4 years ago

My opinion is that provision of information to utility companies and local authorities relevant to billing for said utilities and council tax is not in breach of GDPR.

Tim Rogers

13:55 PM, 15th August 2019, About 4 years ago

Belt and braces I would forward the buyers solicitors details, ( copy to them), advising the LA to contact for details.

Simon M

14:02 PM, 15th August 2019, About 4 years ago

Yes. It's covered in the Council Tax Regulations 1992. The Council has a legal duty to ask a person reasonably connected to the property and obligation on the recipent to reply.


Data Protection Act 2018 ('GDPR') says that where you have to provide information by law this is exempt from the data privacy reuirements.

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