Work harder to solve the housing crisis

Work harder to solve the housing crisis

11:45 AM, 14th August 2019, About 4 years ago 1

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A recent IPSOS Mori survey for the Chartered Institute of Housing has shown the public don’t think their politicians are working hard enough to solve the housing crisis.

Renters are particularly concerned with the survey showing:

– 44% (45% of private renters and 43% of social renters) are either very or fairly concerned about their ability to pay rent at present (29% of mortgage holders are concerned about repayment).

– 52% report being very or fairly concerned about the impact of housing costs on their mental health (‘stress levels, worries or anxiety’); 57% of private renters and 46% of social renters.

– 38% think they might have to leave their local area in the future because the cost of housing is too high.

– 61% of renters or those living at home with their parents think they will never be able to afford to buy a home.

Most people, 57%, think that the rising cost of housing will impact on them personally in the next five years, with 56% saying the same of ‘Brexit’. Among renters as a group, 72% expect housing costs to impact on them personally with 51% thinking the same of ‘Brexit’.

Other findings highlight public backing for increases to housing supply with 52% support the building of new homes locally, twice the proportion who oppose this (21%), and up from 40% five years ago.

Click here for the full report and further statistics.

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Mick Roberts

16:51 PM, 15th August 2019, About 4 years ago

They han't even got to work hard, they just got to listen.

They invariably get EVERYTHING wrong.

I'm just a normal Bulwell Nottingham lad, din't go college (well did for Joinery, Engineering-but not for paper intelligence stuff), & I just thought I've been a normal Landlord for the past 22 years.
But since the legislation attacks on Landlords the last 4 to 6 years or so, I'm starting to think I'm a ruddy expert & Einstein-Compared to these Politicians & Council people. They have not got a clue.

I We Landlords know how to rent houses.

One of the most simplest fixes to maybe 50% of Homeless with the incoming barrel charging Universal Credit is 'What is the worst that could happen if you paid the Landlord direct?' My Labrador knows the answer. Ooh yes rent gets paid, tenant don't get evicted. But the Govt & heads of DWP don't. Worst thing is, they made this mistake in only 2008 with LHA & seriously relaxed the rules 4 years later.

So if we can house these people & stop evicting them if they UC DWP the Govt can pay us the rent to pay the mortgage, why don't they just do that?

If it costs £780 to license a house that is already good & the Landlord is already putting in new kitchens, top class boilers etc. & the good tenant in good house gets NOTHING for the £780, how is that helping the tenant? What it is doing is taking £780 away from that good Landlord, so he now has £780 LESS to spend on his houses, so his tenants now suffer. It don't take Einstein to work that one out-Or maybe it does, cause the Councillor's can't suss that one.

So politicians, u han't got to work harder, just listen & press a few buttons. Or would u rather have votes & stay in power than solve this issue?

Ooh & new chancellor Sajid Javid said we ain't gonna' have a recession. Well u know what's gonna' happen don't u, we probably are gonna' have one cause these MP's get almost everything wrong.

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