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11:29 AM, 20th October 2020
About a month ago

Extension wall built too close?

Sorry to say but your neighbour and their builder seem to be acting like cowboys. You need to give a consent in writing if someone is digging in such close proximity to your foundations. A builder simply “calling you to say it’s happening” is not sufficient. Your neighbour should have served you with a party wall notice. Saying that, you still couldn’t prevent them from building, but you could insist on a Party Wall agreement (at your neighbour’s cost) if you want to ensure you are properly protected.... Read More


10:13 AM, 8th October 2020
About 2 months ago

Be warned - Use your own electrical contractor?

I really do feel for some of the landlords with such poor experiences. We’ve been happy with our electrician, £140 + VAT for the report which seems reasonable to me. Our flats were completely rewired in 2016 so as expected we only had a couple of C3 advisories (presume reflecting 2018 changes to regs).... Read More


12:22 PM, 7th September 2020
About 3 months ago

Invest now or wait for the crash?

Good points Mark and I agree that the time to buy is when everyone else is running for the hills, but I would disagree that the time is now. From personal experience over the past couple of months and especially after the stamp duty holiday announcement, there is no other way to describe what I’ve seen happening other than a bizarre feeding frenzy. Properties are overpriced and still sellers get asking or close to. None of the sellers were in the mood for offers, even when an offer is cash and quick completion on a property that will struggle to get a lender lend on it. Auction properties selling for silly money. This is in the SE so perhaps it’s different regionally, I’m curious to hear what other people’s experiences are, but I think we are still a couple of months away from the time where there may be deals available.... Read More


11:03 AM, 28th August 2020
About 3 months ago

Westminster online tool encouraging HMO tenants to claim Rent Repayment Orders!

I’m not entirely sure why some people are so outraged. Licence your HMOs and you have no problem. I personally wouldn’t touch HMOs, but it’s a choice and if you make a decision to be in that business, surely you should know and abide by the rules? If that doesn’t sound attractive, rent to a family and accept lower returns.... Read More


11:48 AM, 21st August 2020
About 3 months ago

Prepare for changes to the repossession process post eviction ban

Every time I read the “..landlords will need to provide information on the renter’s financial circumstances and the effect the pandemic has had on them“, my mind boggles. This may work with tenants who communicate and are truthful. And those will most likely come to some sort of agreement with their landlord anyway. So with the other, let’s call them less truthful tenants, who just stop paying and don’t provide the landlord with any information at all, the court will adjourn? Why is the burden of proof here not on the tenant?... Read More