Landlords, Let’s Make December Celebration of Good Tenants Month

Landlords, Let’s Make December Celebration of Good Tenants Month

9:35 AM, 18th October 2011, About 10 years ago

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Next year I will have been a landlord for 40 years and I am going to throw a boomerang at each of my good tenants via twitter (@landlordtweets) during the month of December. I am fed up of hearing tenants from hell stories, most of my tenants over the past 40 years have been great tenants and I am going to thank them all, past and present, for giving me financial freedom. Will you join me in throwing a boomerang at your good tenants?

If the boomerangs come back we might begin to hear stories about all the wonderful landlords that I meet everyday. Those who respect their tenants, those who know that it is because of their tenants that they have financial freedom, those who work hard to make tenants feel at home, those who perform little acts of kindness when tenants need support and friendship, those who take risks with tenants who would otherwise be homeless, those who tolerate tenants mistakes…

The media are so fond of publishing the problems in the private rented sector and I think that it is time that we landlords turn this around. We all know that there are bad tenants and bad landlords, but we all know that they are in the minority so why do we allow them to hog the limelight?

Please support me in this campaign to celebrate the Private Rented Sector by tweeting a thank you naming your good tenants.

I am going to spend the next couple of weeks going through my records and compiling a list of all my good tenants, so watch out for my tweets in December and please retweet them. Add your own to encourage other landlords to join in.


by Mary Latham

10:22 AM, 20th October 2011, About 10 years ago

Mark I will show you mine if you will show me yours!


18:36 PM, 1st November 2011, About 10 years ago

I've got some great tenants. I've had very few bad ones actually. It's a great idea to have a good tenant month. Like with landlords you tend to only hear about the bad ones, not about the ones who live quietly and happily, pay their rent on time and look after their home.

by Mary Latham

15:07 PM, 6th November 2011, About 10 years ago

I am just preparing an article for the magazines that my local authorities send out to landlords. I am going to base it on this blog and signpost them here, not only to draw their attention to the December celebration but to let them see the services that are offered on the site.

I have been spending time looking through my files and making my list of good tenants for tweeting in December. It has really lifted my spirits - I always suffer when the clocks go back - I hope that other landlords are searching their files and their memories and it would be great if they would share them on this thread or write their own blogs on this site.

I will start the ball rolling with some blogs next week.

Please tweet to ask all the landlords and agents you know to take part in this celebration.

by Mary Latham

21:59 PM, 18th November 2011, About 10 years ago

God knows I am not one to nag BUT December is getting closer and I just want to remind landlords to prepare their lists of good tenants and to tweet their thank you messages in December.

If you don't use Twitter I am certain that the little pixies who work so hard behind the scenes at Property118 will find a way to let landlords post on this site and link those posts to Twitter for you.

Mary running for cover because I am once again adding to the heavy workload of the little pixies - I love those little fellas

by Mary Latham

22:03 PM, 18th November 2011, About 10 years ago

By the way the little pixies have names like Hayleigh, Gareth and Jack - Cute

by Mary Latham

12:12 PM, 26th November 2011, About 10 years ago

Landlords lets grab our 15 minutes of fame and celebrate our good tenants. Lets show the media and everyone else that landlord do respect our tenants and that we are grateful to them for respecting us and our properties.


by Mark Reynolds

12:39 PM, 26th November 2011, About 10 years ago

You can count on us Mary - Good stuff 🙂


16:24 PM, 29th November 2011, About 10 years ago

As a landlady I feel that what you reap you sow and therefore if one extends oneself to create a haven of safety for people, together with very clear and decisive ground rules then a flood of reliable and likeminded tenants will follow and prevail! Sometimes a little patience is needed to await the next star tenant; they always turn up sooner or later! Here here to real people and tenants, which allow me to sleep peacefully at night!

by Mary Latham

17:59 PM, 29th November 2011, About 10 years ago

Nice post Collette

I am going to steal this quote to use when I am speaking if I may

"create a haven of safety for people" what a wonderful description of a "home"

I look forward to seeing your thank you messages to your tenants


21:09 PM, 29th November 2011, About 10 years ago

of course you may Mary!