Landlords, Let’s Make December Celebration of Good Tenants Month

Landlords, Let’s Make December Celebration of Good Tenants Month

9:35 AM, 18th October 2011, About 10 years ago

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Next year I will have been a landlord for 40 years and I am going to throw a boomerang at each of my good tenants via twitter (@landlordtweets) during the month of December. I am fed up of hearing tenants from hell stories, most of my tenants over the past 40 years have been great tenants and I am going to thank them all, past and present, for giving me financial freedom. Will you join me in throwing a boomerang at your good tenants?

If the boomerangs come back we might begin to hear stories about all the wonderful landlords that I meet everyday. Those who respect their tenants, those who know that it is because of their tenants that they have financial freedom, those who work hard to make tenants feel at home, those who perform little acts of kindness when tenants need support and friendship, those who take risks with tenants who would otherwise be homeless, those who tolerate tenants mistakes…

The media are so fond of publishing the problems in the private rented sector and I think that it is time that we landlords turn this around. We all know that there are bad tenants and bad landlords, but we all know that they are in the minority so why do we allow them to hog the limelight?

Please support me in this campaign to celebrate the Private Rented Sector by tweeting a thank you naming your good tenants.

I am going to spend the next couple of weeks going through my records and compiling a list of all my good tenants, so watch out for my tweets in December and please retweet them. Add your own to encourage other landlords to join in.


by Jack Phillips

11:01 AM, 1st December 2011, About 10 years ago

Given the success of Mary's idea and the backing it has received, we've just launched this -

Send in your stories of good tenants and we'll carry them on an updating page and the best story will win 2 bottles of Champagne!

by Mary Latham

12:27 PM, 27th December 2011, About 10 years ago

I know from some of my tenants that they read articles like this and follow landlords on Twitter.  I am delighted that some of them picked up my Thank You tweets and one of them reads all my columns on P118.  Fortunately I am always respectful of my good tenants and I have no concerns about any of them reading what I post on internet.

Thank you to all those who supported my Celebrate Good Tenants campaign - its not too late for those who have not yet thanked their good tenants.


10:43 AM, 29th December 2011, About 10 years ago

Hi Mary & Alexander

Just seen and read this forum - great idea to get this going, well done!

One day to go I see, and to register for this campaign.

I have been a landlord for only 5 years, no voids, brilliant financing from other forums/advice available then, lowest ever rates, good positive  cashflow.

Totally agree with the message of thanking & praising good tenants- as much part of the real economic & political landscape to demonstrate what we as more caring landlords really do in society, as our determination to invest in our futures wisely and happily.

Apart form the obvious good practices in tenant change-over admin, procedures etc, I always invite them for a drink & meal if possible, to get to know them, 1st name terms, build up trust, as well as setting out the parameters. I also offer advice on running their 'home'.

I encourage regular email dialogue and promise to jump to it, within 24hrs, if anything goes wrong. Example: Broken drains one day in October, resulted in foul water...sewage!...running over floors, and I was enjoying a week's holiday in Corsica! By next morning all sorted with excellent teamwork and very co-operative tenants - all tenants have been students by the way, never a problem.

Keep up the good work, stimulating articles and pracyical advice. Interesting times ahead, but sit on yer brick, is my mantra for next year or 2. And use liquid cash sensibly, like reduce or clear all cards is the simplest and most easy horse sense! Thats before re-investing in more bricks...

As for me/us...we invest in a lovely French buy to let/invest/holiday home, and presuming Euro & banks dont implode, shall be owners by March. Exciting & arguably the best time to take this small calculated risk.

Woud be pleased to hear any thoughts on this last initiative, and if any other readers are doing the same.


15:39 PM, 29th December 2011, About 10 years ago

Happy New Year to all the good tenants out there! Health & Happiness in 2012.