Jersey landlords ‘disappointed’ by new rented dwelling licensing scheme

Jersey landlords ‘disappointed’ by new rented dwelling licensing scheme

0:02 AM, 13th May 2024, About a month ago 2

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The Jersey Landlords Association (JLA) says it is disappointed with the implementation of the island’s new rented dwelling licensing scheme.

It believes the rushed rollout has created confusion for landlords, tenants and letting agents.

The JLA is criticising the 124-page technical code of practice, arguing it isn’t user-friendly and lacks clear guidance for landlords to assess their properties.

It also points out the absence of industry consultation despite legal requirements.

Disappointed at the disorderly roll-out

In a statement, the JLA says: “The JLA strongly supports the aim of improving housing standards in Jersey’s rented sector but is disappointed that the disorderly roll-out of the rented dwelling licence scheme has been a missed opportunity to get things rights for tenants, landlords and agents.”

It also says there has been a ‘fudge’ to get the licensing scheme up and running.

The JLA says: “This is a great pity as this was the opportunity to come up with some really good guidance for rented dwellings in Jersey.”

The scheme’s online-only application system

The JLA points out that the scheme’s online-only application system excludes landlords who lack internet access, particularly older single-property owners.

Also, there is now way for a landlord or agent to apply for multiple licenses at once which creates unnecessary bureaucracy for landlords with several properties.

The JLA also claims the government reneged on its promise to waive licensing fees for properties already participating in the Rent Safe Scheme.

And, it says, not enough has been done to educate tenants about their rights and the new standards.

‘Working quickly and efficiently

Deputy Steve Luce, the minister for the environment, told the BBC that the system was ‘working quickly and efficiently’.

He added: “We have committed to working with Scrutiny and the Jersey Landlords’ Association on improvements to the Code of Practice and application process.”

There have been around 1,000 licence applications and 830 licenses issued.

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11:52 AM, 13th May 2024, About a month ago

Wow a 124 page Code of Practice document !
Bet that is a fun read for every Landlord and tenant.
Online document which will need to be downloaded and printed ?
Copy for your tenants ?
Copy for Landlords and Agents so more trees chopped down !
Now the Minister for the Environment Steve Luce is committed to Improvements to this new Licensing scheme and Code of Practice so this document will just grow and grow.
Maybe NO trees left in Jersey soon.

Reluctant Landlord

14:11 PM, 13th May 2024, About a month ago

Reply to the comment left by DAMIEN RAFFERTY at 13/05/2024 - 11:52
.... nor landlords!

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