13:49 PM, 3rd December 2010, About 11 years ago 15

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What’s the cheekiest/craziest request you’ve received from a tenant?


by Ian Simpson

19:40 PM, 14th December 2010, About 11 years ago

I had a tenant who had a massive row with his girlfriend who had locked herself in the bedroom, upon which he proceeded to destroy the door and adjacent wall to get to her. After destroying the wall and achieving his ends, he had the audacity to text me about ten minutes after moving out to request the return of his deposit.... The mind boggles...

by Pete Judd

17:18 PM, 16th December 2010, About 11 years ago

I have a tenant who regularly texts me at 2-3 am to complain he can't sleep because other tenants in the bedsits are talking about him. He also phoned me to complain about the fact that another tenant had asked him to pull the toilet chain after he had used it and the most recent complaint that the chap next door is playing recordings of snoring to keep him awake. I think he has a persecution complex because the other tenants rarely see him or know anything about him. I'm afraid I told him to buy ear plugs.


16:29 PM, 30th May 2011, About 11 years ago

We have had a tenant who wants us to extend her garden for her as the council says she can take the land for free...I told her to go and buy some fence panels 🙂

by Mark Alexander

21:03 PM, 30th May 2011, About 11 years ago

Hi Sam, I was contacted by a local council last week asking for permission to put an extension onto one of my properties as my sale & rent back tenant has been disabled through a stroke and she needs a downstairs bathroom. No catch, none repayable grant, whether she moves out or not. How cool is that!


21:10 PM, 30th May 2011, About 11 years ago

Wow that's fab!

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