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Ian Simpson

7:40 AM, 29th November 2020
About 6 days ago

Ask three months rolling rent in advance?

I have just had one tenant voluntarily offer three months in advance + Deposit, so we will protect the deposit and put the three months payment to, er, rent for three months...! Not exactly rocket science.. and cannot see why this would be "prohibited"...??!

The other strategy we are considering currently is serving a Section21 at the start of a six months tenancy, because you have to give six months notice now. If the tenant behaves, and keeps paying... we shred it. If they turn bad and stop paying/cause trouble, the papers are in by the end of the six months, all ready to go!!

I suspect someone on here will say this is "prohibited" as well!!... Read More

Ian Simpson

7:32 AM, 29th November 2020
About 6 days ago

Section 21 review and application for a judgement in default?

Hi Manni

Good luck with this. If you have a decent solicitor they should be able to advise. It is my experience that the courts spin everything out as long as possible. A new strategy is this totally unneeded "Review Hearing" post Covid, before the real hearing can get going. We had complied with everything, but had a (quite stern) communique that if all documents were not in place by 30 Nov (tomorrow!) the case would be "Struck Out" - the documents required had already been submitted four times, so we just pressed COPY and SEND , to send them a fifth time. Any old excuse and the courts will chuck your case out. There is definitely a Left-Wing hidden agenda here.
I was also told to ask my tenant if she was in receipt of benefits, which I thought was an invasion of privacy and GDPR, but apparantly not! Anyway, a one-word email from her ... No! was all that was needed...!
Sigh - A years' unpaid rent, after the "Covid Christmas" which all these scumbags have enjoyed. Hopefully it will start coming to an end soon, but I have my doubts. The woke-Left running the courts will hatch another scheme soon to make sure we landlords keep funding free accomodation for the sick, the lame, and the lazy.

Good luck with your case. Remember: An uncrossed t, or a non-dotted i will be punished with another rent-free year for your tenant!!... Read More

Ian Simpson

7:33 AM, 21st November 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Legal action against Government's lockdown evictions ban

Some great comments on here. It makes one feel one is not alone in the fight for justice. Our arrears are around £15,000 across the portfolio now. - none of that amount ever to be seen again. Lending bank (Handelsbanken) completely uninterested in helping, of course. Judicial Reviews : great if they happen, but I remembr the one on Section 24 ... lots of effort, lots of money, big build up, with meetings and rallies and so on, and then the whole thing was just stopped dead before it even started. I think selling up is the only way out, and even that is going to be VERY difficult indeed.... Read More

Ian Simpson

16:50 PM, 1st November 2020
About a month ago

Rent Guarantee Insurance - is it worth it?

Reply to the comment left by Ian Simpson at 01/11/2020 - 11:43
Apologies for the long post - this is the Romans Exclusions clause: 7.2.9 is the closest it gets, but no mention of "Pandemic" or "Pestilence" or "Covid"...
7 Exclusions
Romans shall not be liable to make any payment under this
Premier Service in respect of rental income arrears, legal
expenses, alternative accommodation expenses or whatever:
7.1 where a Landlord:
7.1.1 has failed to comply with his own contractual and statutory
7.1.2 has agreed in whole or in part to any breaches of tenants
covenants under the terms of Tenancy Agreement;
7.1.3 has commenced negotiations with a tenant for the
purchase of the Property whether or not such purchase is
7.2 in respect of or arising from or related to:
7.2.1 any incident reported to Romans more than two calendar
months after the date that it first became known to the
7.2.2 fees, costs and disbursements incurred without the written
agreement of Romans ;
7.2.3 any dispute between Romans and a Landlord
7.2.4 rent registration reviews, lease holding franchisement or
any matter which in the first instance fall within the
jurisdiction of the rent rates or land tribunals or rent
7.2.5 disputes of whatever nature with persons other than the
Tenant of the Property or a person in unauthorised
7.2.6 the compulsory purchase, confiscation, nationalisation,
requisition, destruction or restriction or control placed on
or damage to any property or the actual planned or
proposed construction, closure, adaptation or repair of
roads or bridges or the actual planned proposed
construction, demolition or adaptation of buildings,
housing or other works by or under the order of any
intergovernmental, governmental, public or local authority;
7.2.7 mining, subsidence, or heave;
7.2.8 ionising, radiations or contamination by radioactivity from
any eradiated nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from
the combustion of nuclear fuel or the radioactive toxic
The Romans Group (UK) Limited • Registered Address: Crowthorne House, Nine
Mile Ride, Wokingham RG40 3GZ • Registered in England 2161874 VAT 757216127
exposure or other hazardous properties of any exposure
to nuclear energy or nuclear component thereof;
7.2.9 events which are a consequence of war, invasion, act
of foreign enemy, terrorism, hostilities (brackets whether
war was declared or not) civil was, rebellion, revolution,
insurrection or military or usurped power, strikes, lockouts,
all worker occupations;
7.2.10 any liability whatsoever for further liquidated costs
following a re-letting of the Property;
7.2.11 any service charges relating to the Property;
7.2.12 any liability arising from the supply of electricity, gas, water,
other utilities and telephone services unless the respective
public utility has been instructed of the change of
occupancy to a tenant;
7.2.13 liability arising in the common law full mesne profit;
7.2.14 the Landlords personal or incidental expenses shall not
be an allowable deduction from deposit monies held
where this prejudices Romans position in recovery of rental
income arrears or dilapidations;
7.2.15 disputes in respects of dilapidations not exceeding £500 in
excess of the deposit held by Romans on behalf of the
Landlord to whom the Romans Guarantee applies;
7.2.16 any harassment of a tenant;
7.2.17 the defence of the Landlord in civil proceedings due to
a) bodily injury, illness, disease or death, b) loss,
destruction or damage of or to the property, c) alleged
breach of any professional duty, d) any tortuous liability;
7.2.18 fines or other penalties imposed by a court;
7.2.19 any defect in the condition of the Property which
pre-exists the date of this agreement or any gradually
operating cause which pre-exists the date of this
7.2.20 any defect in a Landlords title to any of the property,
7.3 where the Landlord:
7.3.1 pursues or defends a case without Romans consent or
contrary to manner advised by Romans appointed
7.3.2 fails to give property instruction when required by the
appointed solicitor or counsel;
7.3.3 is responsible for delay which in the reasonable opinion of
Romans is prejudicial to the prospects of success;
7.3.4 fails to take all reasonable steps to avoid or prevent claims
or legal proceedings;
7.3.5 fails to maintain in full force and effect during the Tenancy
Agreement buildings insurance on the Property covering
the standard range of perils;
7.3.6 fails to pay instalments in respect of a mortgage on the
property except where such failure to pay instalments
occurred after the tenant first failed to pay the rental
income due to the Landlord;
7.3.7 instructs a solicitor other than Romans appointed solicitor.... Read More

Ian Simpson

11:43 AM, 1st November 2020
About a month ago

Rent Guarantee Insurance - is it worth it?

Yes, though the only proviso to that is that Lettings Supermarket must have found and previously referenced the tenant themselves, it is not available for existing tenants/tenancies arranged outside of Lettings Supermarket. So it is of no use if you wanted to take out cover for your existing portfolio.... Read More