Installing a single Broadband/TV connection for flats

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2 years ago

Installing a single Broadband/TV connection for flats

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Installing a single Broadband/TV connection for flats

I am in the process of converting a single property which was split into 2 very large self contained flats into a 5 self contained

I have tried to search to see if anyone else has posted about this but couldn’t find anything relevant.

I don’t want individual tenants installing their own connections/satellite dishes so I thought now would be a good time to install a dish for TV and a switch/broadband connection. However, how is this done for flats? Are there any special requirements?

Many thanks.



Neil Patterson

2 years ago

Hi Des,

As a Sky customer for two decades I thought you had to have one dish per individual contract?

Ray Davison

2 years ago

Sky provide a service for just this purpose. They will install a single dish and cable up all of the flats via a central control box then the tenants subscribe individually (At a slight discount I think). I am not sure who pays for the initial installation, it may be you(?)

Duncan McFadyen

2 years ago

Easiest way is using a Multiswitch ( Google it ) which works with a 4 output LNB at the dish.
You need one Sky receiver and one contract ( unless just taking the free to air channels) for each installation, but one dish will work fine.
You need to run 2 coax cables from the Multiswitch to each apartment for Sky+/ HD.

Graham Chilvers

2 years ago

Hi, I have several buildings wired this way. They have a single dish and Freeview Ariel. It goes through a splitter which then feeds it to all the flats. You will need a double satellite cable from the splitter to feed to each flat, if your tenants want to watch one channel whilst recording another. I would also strongly recommend you drop in a spare satellite cable to each flat, ending by your dish. If you have a foreign tenants in the future they will want a "polish" dish. Simple to do when the cable is already in place and it keeps them happy. This is all installed by any local Aerial/satellite dish company. It has nothing to do with Sky. I also provide free WiFi as standard. Do it once, do it completely right and future proof, is my advice.

Des Dixon

2 years ago

Hi All,

Excellent, thanks for the advice.

Does something similar apply for Virgin?

Chris Byways

2 years ago

Any suggestions of the ball park costs involved, for say 4 or 6 flats, and WiFi, both initial and ongoing?

A landlord electricity supply will be required. What sort of charges do people have, for a landlord supply? For a fire alarm, previous owner had £2-58pm contract, Npower tried to put it up to £33-00pm, ended with £3.48pm, (zero consumption). Is this typical?

I assume each tenant is then responsible for getting their own tv licence. A telephone line is required if not in a cable area? But should still be cheaper for each tenant, as they have their own mobile phones.

Reply to the comment left by "Graham Chilvers" at "04/01/2016 - 18:07":

This sounds very interesting, who do you get the wifi from and how much does it cost? Is there a limit on downloads. Are the properties all self contained flats? I had assumed from past research this was too expensive to be practical but could be a big benefit for my tenants, I have some very large town houses divided into 4 - 6 flats which have all been individually cabled for virginmedia. This can be a problem for tenants wanting to stay less than 12 months.

Graham Chilvers

2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Darlington Landlord" at "04/01/2016 - 21:35":

Hi. I have about 10 setups. I use TalkTalk Business. their lowest option. All buildings have at least one range extender TP-LINK TL-WA901ND connected to the modem. They are normally in the centre of the building or the loft to get good coverage. A big tip!!! All of it operates through a plugin timer. It is set to turn it all off for a couple of Mins and back on again twice a day at 5pm and 5am. So any problems with it and it is rebooting automaticly twice a day. It is all locked up in small boxes. I also have CCTV covering the entrance, carparks and bins connected to it so I can remotly look at things. It cost, I think £25 a month ish!! Doesn't go wrong. Nothing when split between 10 flats!

Graham Chilvers

2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Graham Chilvers" at "05/01/2016 - 09:11":

Forgot. No download limit. Flats are self-contained. I tell them the Wifi is avaliable for "google" email and otherstuff and is generally not intended for video streaming and live gaming. If they want that consistant speed they get their own

Reply to the comment left by "Graham Chilvers" at "05/01/2016 - 09:14":

Thats very helpful, thank you

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