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Are REIT's A Viable Exit Strategy For UK Landlords?

Why do you specify "if your mortgage balances are greater than 15 times your existing yearly rental income or your LTV is greater than 65%"?
It sounds like the REIT is looking to aquire at a deep discount to market value... Read More

Electric shower or combi fed shower in a tenanted property?

I always fit electric showers (at least 8.5kw for a resonable flow) because if the boiler breaks down the tenant still has hot water so its not an emergency. A combi fed shower may be a bit cheaper to run for the tenants but its totally dependant on the boiler. Also if you have a low water pressure and/or small combi boiler eg 24kw in a flat a combi fed shower won't have a particularly good flow. Apart from the wiring which you only do once the costs aren't very different, in fact the electric shower is often cheaper than a thermostatic one.... Read More

Which Billboard Design Do You Prefer?

Reply to the comment left by Owen O'Neill at 23/05/2018 - 14:10
Thats a good point!. It would be great if we could come up with something with the visual impact of the "Britains not working" billboard which I think everyone will still remember.... Read More

Which Billboard Design Do You Prefer?

I agree with Stephen and the other commentators, The new one needs something brief and attention grabbing to explain what its about and why its important to ordinary people/tenants who've never heard of clause 24.... Read More

Shelter want default fees banned

£20 per hour for landlords time isn't excessive especially considering all the areas a landlord has to have knowledge of and the level of responsibility - its a professional level job, not burger flipping. My old day job I was earning £35 plus per hour 20 years ago. Some of the other charges seem excessive but the devil is in the detail we are not given. Maybe a large 5 or 6 bed house with lots of cobwebs in every room might justify the charge, its obviously ridiculous for 1 or 2 cobwebs. I guess the shelter reporter has no experience of ironing curtains which depending on the material and size can actually take 15 - 20 mins per curtain if crease prone and then you have to add in the time to take down and put back up not to mention washing or cleaning but we don't know the circumtances as easy soundbites are preferred over detailed facts.... Read More