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Serial benefits cheat - can I get my money back?

The key question - is she claiming LHA from the local council or Universal Credit housing element from DWP?
If LHA a simple email to the councils housing department stating her arrears and a request to hold further payments to her and to pay you direct should stop any more payments to her and (possibly after further information is required) pay those amounts to you.
But if its UC, whilst there is supposed to be a process where you can apply for the rent element of tenants at risk of non payment/2 months in arrears to be paid direct for you, from reports on this forum it does not work very well in practice. I believe, and hope more experienced members will correct me if I'm wrong, that with UC you can get some monthly repayments of the debt from the tenants future monthly benefits after they have left. In which case you might want to consult a specialist in UC such as Caridon https://www.property118.com/live-universal-credit-horror-case-study/
Disclaimer I have no connection and have never needed to use them... Read More

New EPC rules set To upset the PRS as well as me!

Make sure you have LED bulbs in all light fittings. This makes a significant difference to the rating.... Read More

Letter to my MP on recent Government meddling in the PRS

An interesting insight of how David Gaulk was courted by offshore investors, so I guess its unsuprising he ignored the concerns of individual landlords. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/07/tax-haven-lobby-superb-penetration-uk-government-paradise-papers... Read More

Iain Duncan Smith Has Spoken Out For Landlords

The thing the Tories care most about is staying in power! and our votes are one way to make them understand they cannot take us for granted whilst they treat us unfairly. Even if Landlords cannot bring themselves to vote Labour there are other Parties or not voting/spoiling a ballot as options. Some Tory losses were so close a few non voting Landlords could have made the difference.... Read More