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Graham Landlord

11:29 AM, 5th May 2020, About A year ago

Return of rent deposits after 11 year tenancy?

It is this sort "Landlord" mindset that gets us all a bad name. 99% of Landlords would love a tenant that paid their rent and they didn’t go near the property for 11 years. “Perfect” Take the cost of the unreasonable damage you think the tenant is responsible for and divide it by the 132. That is the number of months he as paid you rent. What’s has it cost you? £3.75 a month! A bad tenant will be a real education. As they say, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone”.... Read More

Graham Landlord

10:11 AM, 28th February 2020, About 2 years ago

Fuseboard Confusion!

Hi. I am an Electrical Engineer and a Landlord. You do not have to upgrade your electrical installation to meet the latest edition 18 regulations. Your electrical installation only has to be safe and in good condition. I recently had a block of flats inspected and passed with the old wire fuses!!! The old plastic cases were highly fire resistant and there is a counter argument that a metal case now presents an electrocution risk if the cables inside melt. Yes I know, the case should be earthed. What is far more important is to protect people and your property by having every circuit protected by an Earth Leakage Trip. (RCD or RCBO) This has been a requirement on all new installations for a number of years.... Read More

Graham Landlord

13:34 PM, 17th February 2020, About 2 years ago

Review of Council Tax rule for HMOs - Petition

The ruling for separate Tax banding use to be that the accommodation had to be fully self-contained. I have flat that contains separate rooms for, Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom and Toilet, but no shower. The resident uses a shared shower off the communal hallway. In the past I have successfully appealed the VOA attempt to Tax Band it because I claimed no one could live in it without the shared shower.
Now the rules the VOA apply are “Is it a Habitat?” What’s a Habitat? It is anywhere a person lives that is private. So a single room with no facilities but with a lock on the door could be classified as a “habitat”. So if the VOA band a room, all you have to do is appeal every time it is empty, because it is no longer a “Habitat” The VOA can’t just band rooms because they have the potential of being a Habitat.
Because this banding is based on the person living there and not the room its self, this is the Pole Tax selectively applied to the poor in a different form.
I have a nice 20 bedsit property. All working people paying £80 a week each . The Council Tax is £6K for the whole building. It has been re banded as 20 band “A” at a cost of £16.5K a year. Up £10K. So the Tax on each bedsit has gone from £5.76 a week to £15.80 a week. That might seem like its only £10 a week, but the previously total cost including the mortgage was around £50 a week. So it was £30 net profit less the crippling new tax. That profit has dropped to £20 a week.
This banding is yet again changing the face of letting. Why provide lower cost bedsits with shared facilities for working people when you pay the same tax as a one bed flat? Also consider people on benefits don’t pay council tax. So are you better off now accommodating those on benefits and turning away the working?... Read More

Graham Landlord

10:02 AM, 6th January 2020, About 2 years ago

New Year brings "Interesting" problems and Misguided Guidance

Never forget. The introduction of Sec 21 was desperate move by the Government as an inducement to try and persuade property owners to let out their empty properties. The inducement was. "If you let your property out, we promise you can get YOUR property back without having prove the Tenant is a fault and the rent is what you have agreed" Cancelling Sec 21 is going to turn back the clock to 1977. Property Owners won’t risk letting out property, and risk having to go before a Judge to justify wanting it back. However, the promised change Sec 8, saying you will be easily to get you property back for rent arrears, gives Landlords the route to bump the rent up to create that situation. So expect rent control to be introduced as well. With the huge consequentially cut back in letting, there will be a huge cull in letting industry.... Read More

Graham Landlord

17:56 PM, 12th September 2019, About 2 years ago

Government theft of another's possessions is plain wrong

My MP Kevin Foster, told a Torbay Landlords Meeting that renting in London was difficult and expensive. I said "Consider the value of your flat if sold, “say £500K”. Consider the Landlord’s costs and risks. Consider the rent you pay, “say £25K a year”. I ask you this. If you take away the opportunity for the owner of your flat to get his £500K flat back, do you think he will ever rent it out again ? I think not. Then where are you and all the other MP’s going to stay?”
The Government want people to invest money in property to make it available to rent. If you make any investment that doesn’t come with a 100% guarantee (section 21) you will at least get your property back at the end, it is not an investment it is a loss. The Labour party have been here before with their stupid 1977 Rent Act, which was an unmitigated disaster for tenants. It wasn’t a disaster for Landlords, they just stop being landlords and did something else! If it wasn’t so serious, you would laugh at the Governments mesmerised thinking. Because Tenants have no choice but to be Tenants, the Goverment is hypnotised into the belief that Landlords have to be Landlords. When being a Landlord stops being an attractive proposition. Don’t complain, don’t try and change the Government, do something else with your life.... Read More