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Graham Landlord

17:56 PM, 12th September 2019
About A week ago

Government theft of another's possessions is plain wrong

My MP Kevin Foster, told a Torbay Landlords Meeting that renting in London was difficult and expensive. I said "Consider the value of your flat if sold, “say £500K”. Consider the Landlord’s costs and risks. Consider the rent you pay, “say £25K a year”. I ask you this. If you take away the opportunity for the owner of your flat to get his £500K flat back, do you think he will ever rent it out again ? I think not. Then where are you and all the other MP’s going to stay?”
The Government want people to invest money in property to make it available to rent. If you make any investment that doesn’t come with a 100% guarantee (section 21) you will at least get your property back at the end, it is not an investment it is a loss. The Labour party have been here before with their stupid 1977 Rent Act, which was an unmitigated disaster for tenants. It wasn’t a disaster for Landlords, they just stop being landlords and did something else! If it wasn’t so serious, you would laugh at the Governments mesmerised thinking. Because Tenants have no choice but to be Tenants, the Goverment is hypnotised into the belief that Landlords have to be Landlords. When being a Landlord stops being an attractive proposition. Don’t complain, don’t try and change the Government, do something else with your life.... Read More

Graham Landlord

8:37 AM, 23rd August 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Another reason not to accept tenants on benefits: a case study

Reply to the comment left by Larry Sweeney at 22/08/2019 - 17:08
Hi, In 2011, Shelter on TV said that Landlords were rising rents and exploiting the poor. ITV asked me to comment. I offered to go head to head with Shelter and their stupid comments, on air. Shelter declined. You note they never debate on TV with real Landlords. I would thrown the gauntlet at them. ITV did a bit on it, but my gauntlet offer was edit out. see

Regards Graham... Read More

Graham Landlord

12:58 PM, 21st August 2019
About a month ago

Another reason not to accept tenants on benefits: a case study

I have said this before. I throw the gauntlet down to Shelter. Buy a block of flats or row of houses with a 100% normal BTL mortgage as a private Landlord does, without the support of your charity status or grants. Run it on the same financial basis as a private Landlord, but fill it with DHSS Tenants. Then with open transparency post your annual accounts for these properties on the web for all to see. It’s a win win for Shelter, they provide homes and prove their case with cold hard numbers. No more debates or arguments over DHSS Tenants, Section 21 Notices etc because they could prove they are right! Come on Shelter, what a publicity boost for you when you walk your talk and show us all where we are going wrong. Trust me, they won’t do this. Shelter have the resources to crunch the numbers. They actually know the reality of Landlording, but they are “Shelter” with well paid executives, what else can they do but persist with their unworkable demands and unfounded divisive propaganda.... Read More

Graham Landlord

9:35 AM, 2nd August 2019
About 2 months ago

Section 21 is going, but let’s have a say on how it goes

The simple solution that works for everyone.

1) Increase the notice period of a Section 21 from two months to one year. This stops the use of a Section 21 notice as an effective way of evicting good tenants that are merely complaining, because a year is too long. The good tenant is secure in that fact they always have a minimum of another year in the property. This also maintains the guarantee that, no matter what, the Landlord will eventually get their property back.

2) Strengthen and speed up the eviction by “Tenant at fault” Section 8 Notice procedure, so that it works! Currently a Tenant must be a minimum of two months in arrears for a Landlord to apply and possibly obtain a section 8 possession order. The Tenant has to only reduce their arrears to just below this figure the day before the court hearing to have the application cancelled, wasting the landlords’ £325 court fee. The Tenant then goes back into arrears and starts the whole expensive process over again. You are prosecuted for speeding even if you slow down and stop. It should be the same, once a Tenant has become two months in arrears, the Landlord can issued a section 8 notice, after that, even if the Tenant then repays this, only the Landlord can cancel the Section 8 application. A Landlord will not want to evict a good Tenant that has cleared their arrears.... Read More

Graham Landlord

10:20 AM, 21st March 2019
About 6 months ago

If someone said by this time next year they could make you a property millionaire, would you be interested?

These seminars have been around forever. I attended one in California in the early 1980's.! The bottom line is, if these people are offering you the keys to a room full of money? If it is so good, why don’t they go and unlock the door themselves?
Yes without a doubt, knowledge is power. If you want buy a block of flats to rent out, or build a house to sell, you will need to know specific things and loads of people want to take fees off you or try and sell you a pup. Maybe you’re lucky enough to know someone already doing it, and who is prepared to share that knowledge.
These days you can obtain a huge amount of information from the internet, like on this site. There are also books on how to be a Landlord. Start small, start slow and learn. Remember if you’re Accountant, Bank Manger or Solicitor knew of a deal, or know of a guaranteed route to make millions, they would stop sitting behind a desk advising you and do it for themselves. If it seems to good to be true, it usally is.... Read More