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Graham Landlord

10:20 AM, 21st March 2019
About 4 months ago

If someone said by this time next year they could make you a property millionaire, would you be interested?

These seminars have been around forever. I attended one in California in the early 1980's.! The bottom line is, if these people are offering you the keys to a room full of money? If it is so good, why don’t they go and unlock the door themselves?
Yes without a doubt, knowledge is power. If you want buy a block of flats to rent out, or build a house to sell, you will need to know specific things and loads of people want to take fees off you or try and sell you a pup. Maybe you’re lucky enough to know someone already doing it, and who is prepared to share that knowledge.
These days you can obtain a huge amount of information from the internet, like on this site. There are also books on how to be a Landlord. Start small, start slow and learn. Remember if you’re Accountant, Bank Manger or Solicitor knew of a deal, or know of a guaranteed route to make millions, they would stop sitting behind a desk advising you and do it for themselves. If it seems to good to be true, it usally is.... Read More

Graham Landlord

13:49 PM, 15th March 2019
About 4 months ago

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No obvious route to remove or edit a previously posted comment. Life changes!!... Read More

Graham Landlord

10:52 AM, 25th January 2019
About 6 months ago

Sadiq Khan told - Rent control doesn’t work

Have we all forgotten, the 1977 rent act, brought in by the Labour Government? A seemingly brilliant idea for Tenants. It converted all existing and new tenancies to protected tenancies. The landlord could only get his property back if the Tenant broke the rules, like not paying the rent. No matter what rent had been agreed, the Tenant or the Council could ask the “Rent Officer” to set a new rent, which was always lower. The result was, lots of illegal evictions using physical force, threats of violence or making the property uninhabitable. Gangster type property investors would buy cheap property with “sitting Tenants” and then throw them out. If you had an empty property the last thing you would do is rent it out. Those Landlords, who didn’t want to illegally evict the tenants, so they could sell the property, had no margin, or incentive to maintain or improve their property. It was a short term sugar rush for the Tenants, and then the availability and standard fell of the cliff.
In the 1980’s I brought a very tatty block of rented flats, whilst this law was in force. Each flat was rented at £50 a week. Being naive, I renovated the first flat that became empty. I then rented it out for £75 a week, the new tenant immediately called the rent officer in, who set the rent at £55 a week. I never renovated a flat again. When a flat became available, such was the shortage of available accommodation, that in the first hour of it being advertised I would get 25 phone calls. People would queue in the street for it to take it “as is”!!
The disaster was corrected by the Conservative Government with the 1988 Rent act which created AST’s . The Government advisers know it is a historically proven disaster, let’s hope some of the MP’s are old enough to remember it.
Graham Chilvers.... Read More

Graham Landlord

11:09 AM, 14th November 2018
About 8 months ago

Alliance Solution for Housing benefit tenants

This is Shelters simple solution.
They complain that we make to much money and provide a bad service. The solution is so simple, Shelter should become a real private Landlords. No special treatment, Tax breaks, handouts or discounts. It should buy houses, blocks of flats and HMO’s with normal rate mortgages. This is a double win for Shelter. One the provide accommodation and secondly they can show Landlords, by example were we are going wrong!!
I would love Shelter to explain to us all, how they deal with the tenants in their properties. How they select Tenants for their properties. We could all learn from Shelter or Shelter will learn from us! Shelter, put your money were your mouth is and show us where we are going wrong!... Read More

Graham Landlord

10:55 AM, 14th November 2018
About 8 months ago

Calls to scrap direct payments

Whose money is it?
We pay tax into the welfare system to help people. To pay the rent for those who can't afford it so they have a home. That Tax money should not be wasted and should therfore go directly to the provider. When people are in emergency accommodation or in an Old Peoples’ Home, we don't give our Tax money to recipient of the accommodation, we give it to the Provider of the facility.
We have chosen to be Landlords, not teachers of home economics to adults. The business model is simple. We provide the accommodation and somebody pays for it. No Pay, No Stay!... Read More