I’m evicting tenants but I want to help them

by Readers Question

17:53 PM, 27th November 2012
About 9 years ago

I’m evicting tenants but I want to help them

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I’m evicting tenants but I want to help them

Readers QuestionsI may be the softest landlord on the planet but I am concerned about the well-being of 2 of my tenants who I have to finally evict.  They have lived in the house for many years but are seriously in arrears and don’t seem to have the ability to help themselves.  I have even enlisted Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to sort out their finances but the tenants have not been able to keep to the financial plan agreed.  I am expecting them to be removed by the Bailiff and I honestly believe they don’t have anywhere to go.

My question is; is there any automatic link up between the court and the council or social services to get them into emergency accommodation, assuming that there is any?  Their local council say they no longer have council houses and accommodation is through a housing association, if they have any!

The eviction will be swift and I am not wanting to see them and their furniture dumped in the street but it is looking that way. I would feel a lot happier if I knew they were being re-housed. Perhaps someone knows of  the procedure to get them re-housed.


Mark Alexander

9:21 AM, 30th November 2012
About 9 years ago

Hi Adam

Many years ago I had a tenant in a similar situation, she was two and a half months in arrears, built up over around a two month period. She never missed a full months rent but would call me to say she was a bit short quite regularly. Being a softie I agreed to help but it got to a point where I needed to draw the line so I had a chat with her, went to see her, took a letter with me and also a section 8 and section 21 notice. I asked her to go and get help and somehow she managed to get an interest free loan from the council or an charitable agency to clear the arrears. I can't recall which organisation it was but I was very impressed with them at the time. They arranged for the money to be paid directly to me and for direct payments of rent from the LHA on the basis that I gave her a brand new tenancy.

Any idea who she may have spoken too, it's that long ago now I don't have any paperwork so it must have been 6 years plus. It sounds to me this is the kind of help Dennis's tenant need.

PS - she moved out two months after the arrangement was put into place, I agreed to let her out of the contract without penalty.



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