Housing delivery is massively out of kilter with homes required

Housing delivery is massively out of kilter with homes required

8:00 AM, 9th August 2022, About 2 years ago 1

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Research by GetAgent has revealed just how out of kilter the nation’s housing delivery is when it comes to the level of homes required in each area versus the reality of those actually delivered.

The estate agent comparison site analysed government data from the Housing Delivery Test 2021, an annual measurement that highlights the need for housing in each area.

Researchers then looked at how many additional dwellings have been delivered.

The research shows that, on the face of it, the level of additional net dwellings delivered has exceeded the forecasted requirement in recent years.

In fact, since 2018/19, the data suggests that 620,899 additional homes were needed, while 770,056 were delivered – a delivery rate of 124%.

The largest level of over-delivery

The North West has seen the largest level of over-delivery in this time at 175%, followed by the North East with 173% and the West Midlands on 147%.

Even in London, the 117,554 additional net dwellings created since 2018/19 equates to 103% of the 113,910 forecast as being required.

But while these figures paint a picture of success, GetAgent’s analysis at a more granular level reveals a market that is massively out of kilter.

For example, since 2018/19 in Oxford, the Government forecast a need for 88 additional dwellings.

However, some 1,879 additional net dwellings were delivered – a 2,126% rate of over-supply.

In Richmond, additional dwellings delivered equate to 1,620% of the forecasted requirement, with Copeland recording 931% of over-supply, Tamworth 471% and Redcar and Cleveland 453%.

Government forecast for new homes

In contrast, the Government forecast for new homes in Southend has totalled 3,041 since 2018/19 but the 947 additional dwellings delivered equate to just 31% of this requirement.

Other areas that have seen some of the lowest levels of additional dwellings delivered versus their forecasted requirement include Eastbourne (32%), Worthing (35%), Epping Forest (35%) and Epsom and Ewell (35%)

The co-founder and chief executive of GetAgent, Colby Short, said: “The nation has been in the grip of a housing crisis for many years now and this grip is only getting tighter, as house prices continue to climb to record highs, while the rate of new homes being delivered remains insufficient.

“Given the Government’s failures in addressing this crisis, it’s hardly surprising that their forecasted housing requirements are reserved, to say the least, and based on these forecasts, the nation is benefiting from a large degree of oversupply.”

‘Delivery of additional homes is dangerously out of kilter’

He added: “However, when you scratch beneath the surface, it’s abundantly clear that the delivery of additional homes from one area to the next is dangerously out of kilter.

“This is, no doubt, largely down to market manipulation from those who stand to profit from the creation of these additional dwellings.

“By allowing housing delivery to be decided by profitability over need, some areas of the property market have been oversaturated by the delivery of new homes, while others remain very much left out in the cold.”

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Jerry stone

12:19 PM, 9th August 2022, About 2 years ago

I am really not sure what point this article is trying to make? I am a Planning Professional and its seem an odd one to say its Market manipulation as the PLanning System controls housing supply a little to well in my opinion.

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