Help RLA fight Welsh Section 8 repossession challenge

Help RLA fight Welsh Section 8 repossession challenge

9:37 AM, 22nd October 2019, About 5 years ago 5

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The RLA is fighting a ruling which could stop landlords taking back properties from tenants who are refusing to pay rent.

It could be very important to challenge these absurd legal decisions for when/if Section 21 is scrapped and the traps attached to Section 21 are potentially carried over to Section 8.

The Crowdjustice campaign still needs support with only 4 days left to go: Click Here

“Usually a landlord can serve notice to take back their property when tenants stop paying rent, however, a licensing technicality has left the landlord, Mr Jarvis, unable to do this, despite his tenants building up massive arrears.

“Mr Jarvis holds a licence in his company name, with the property owned in his own name. Until now, this has not been an issue in England or Wales.

“However, a court has ruled the notice he has served on his tenants under Section 8 invalid, on the basis it is the company, not the individual that holds the licence.

“The decision could have huge financial implications for landlords across the board, and the RLA is supporting Mr Jarvis in his appeal.

“We believe landlords should be able to regain possession where they have a legitimate reason – and we believe the Court of Appeal will agree with us.”

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Dr Rosalind Beck

9:44 AM, 22nd October 2019, About 5 years ago

Yes, it is very important that we stick together to challenge these absurd laws which have been brought in and ready ourselves to legally challenge more of these idiotic traps set for landlords. We will see a lot more of similar scenarios if the Government goes ahead with its crass decision to scrap Section 21.

I have made a donation and hope that others will do the same.

Larry Sweeney

11:41 AM, 22nd October 2019, About 5 years ago

On behalf of all our members , I can confirm that the Alliance has given £500 today to assist.

Mick Roberts

11:46 AM, 22nd October 2019, About 5 years ago

This Govt & Councils & Judges & courts are really not helping tenants at all.
All it does is temporarily help that person, the Landlord & his mates & us, going forward either pack up, sell up, don't rent out to any risky UC HB tenant at all, & the vulnerable tenant again loses out next month next year. It buys the court & Housing a bit more time, but costs 'em more later.

I'm doing a possession as we speak. Court said need proof of serving Boiler certificate before tenancy. Gees, it was Pre Oct 2015 anyway, they don't know their own rules. And who u helping? That's another 10 UC tenants I'm not taking this year will now be homeless.

I've had a solicitors letter for a tenant I evicted 14 FOURTEEN months ago. Saying she wants deposit back & they won't pursue the 3 x fine. No deposit was taken.
And the £58 they gave me towards the Selective Licensing fee as I can't charge tenants for this. Yeah right some people are thick. The only thing I think that can be is the tenant paid her months top up for the first time in 6 years. Yet the solicitor wun't dream of ringing me up & asking my side of the story first.

I've pledged a bit, others please pay. It could be u next.

Michael Barnes

23:41 PM, 22nd October 2019, About 5 years ago

This shows the sort of problem that can occur with a non-standard structure.

Larry Sweeney

7:32 AM, 23rd October 2019, About 5 years ago

This is terrible. Landlord apathy again. As i have previously pointed out 94% of landlords do not belong to any organisation. Its not fair to expect those who already pay dues to keep contributing. Where are the other stakeholders?. This is an important fight. Where is negative Annie ? . I urge p118 readers who have not joined the Alliance to please pledge asap and get this over the line.

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